A trendy modern hype word, “Sustainability” simply means “Ability to Sustain”.  SCOD studies the ability of Architecture, Social Networks, and Independent Alternative Communities to Sustain Life.  We approach this Blog discussion on Sustainability using these three topics; and contrasted by two opposing modes:  Permanent vs Renewable.

1. Sustainable Architecture (Permanence / Mutability)

2. Sustainable Social Networks (long-term / renewable)

3. Sustainable Communities or Cooperatives (Permaculture / Projects)

However, sustainability is a relative term, not confined to only one paradigm. There are various aspects of sustainability, relative to every subject. For example in architecture…

“Sustainability usually means a structure built to last, and refers to it’s permanence. However Sustainability can also be judged by the structure’s impact on Nature and Ecology. If a building lasts forever but poisons the environment, then it is not a sustainable habitat for life around it. Therefore sometimes a temporary structure built from renewable materials that bio-degrade is more sustainable.”

 ~ SCOD Thesis (edition 15)

Another example is that although some people prefer to invest in gold or land for sustainable long-term living, other people invest in stocks and bonds. All material forms of investment can be lost, by fate or chance, regardless of intelligence and wisdom; as larger and smaller factors within a life cannot all be factored into a practical equation regarding the sustainability of all aspects in all paradigms. Life itself is a gamble, and so some of the most conservative people do not want to ‘gamble’ with any investments, as they are all risky to various degrees. If you do invest in ‘things’, always try to diversify.

Other categories of Sustainability:  Population, Economics, Love, Health, etc…


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