Swords & Horses

Swords and Horses are both anacronisms that were once a dominate part of human civilization.  Now in the modern world they are still around, yet they have lost their importance to most people that populate the planet. To the masses guns have replaced swords, and automobiles have replaced horses.

Yet for some, both Swords and Horses represent a glamour of nostalgia and romance that seems to be lacking otherwise.  Cordite and others will perhaps share with us some perspective on why these things matter to those that have not forgotten.  Strong and powerful, swords and horses are still noble.  Here we will examine why.


3 Responses to “Swords & Horses”

  1. It is precisely the feeling of nobility that I have when I wield one of my swords that makes it a special feeling. In part, it is remembrance to a day gone by, days that many people have forgotten when live was free and real. The days when people were more connected to Earth, to Nature. A day when the world was raw and beautiful. Impractical in today’s the world, the sword is my instant connection to a different time. A time far less complex than the world today.

    • That is the same feeling I get when riding horses. The amount of raw natural power they posses and art it takes to wield it is immense and time consuming. The word has sped up and left horses and swords in the dust.

  2. I love Horses … They are all my life .

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