Green House Design

Although the title is pun, the play on words is intentional to provoke environmental thought towards architecture.  A “Green House” is normally a Solarium (Sun Room) that is an independent structure (stand-alone).  To allow maximum sunlight into the space, glass (or another translucent or transparent material) panels are set in metal or wood framework.

In the modern age, we must go beyond limiting indoor spaces for growing things to only glass structures, our main homes should be called “Green Houses”.  Eventually as more truly “Green Houses” are built, glass structures only for plants will be called “Green Sheds”, “Plant Houses”, or “Glass Sheds”. Nomenclature is subservient  however, to understanding the importance of living as GREEN as possible.

Green Houses p1 “Ecological Building Designs”
This is a non-profit survey of Green Houses, or Homes Designed Green or Built of Ecologically-Sustainable Materials. There are many forms of Alternative / Green or Sustainable or Environmental or Eco-Friendly architecture. Forms include: Earthships, Earth-Shelter, Passive/Active Solar, Recycled-Reused, Bio-Degradable Temp, or Perma-Sustainable etc…

Enjoy the Video:


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