(5) Spirituality

Religion / Spirituality / Magic

SCOD believes it is important to see the holistic synergy (interconnection spirit) of all things.  When someone says “All things are ONE” or “There is only ONE God”, we can equally see that the opposite is true; “All things are infinitely divisible” or “There are many gods”. This is the Truth according to SCOD; understanding that in Life there are many Paradoxes, and coexisting contradictions that make for the spice of life. One person sees a thing through one set of eyes, while another sees a thing through another set of eyes. What two people see, may or may not be the same thing. Relative to individual interpretation, two objects are both the same thing, and different things. Evidence in support of this is found in writings of Empedocles, laws of Relativity (according to Einstein), and theories of Infinite Parallel Universes / Realities.

Although much obvious confusion can come from seeing things from different sides Holistically, subjects may be separated and focused on for the purpose of defining individual systems and categorical identification.  In this Blog RELIGION, MAGIC, and SPIRITUAL discussion should be confined to either the Philosophy Category or the Psychology Category. Philosophy at its very origins is related to Mythology and Religion, and later Psychology. Psychology is acknowledgement that our minds hold the key to all our comprehension, interpretation, and convictions; Religious, Magical, Spiritual, Atheistic, Agnostic, Scientific, or otherwise…

That is why most things Spiritual, Mystical, or Other Worldly for SCOD are set within a framework of either Philosophy or Psychology.

SCOD Articles on Spiritual topics:  Harpers Faery Zodiak ; Magic Types & Periods ; Religious History ;

SCOD Books on Spiritual topics:  Harpers Faery Magic Bible ;  Blackberry Cove ;

Please read the book – SCOD Thesis 2000 (or other text versions) for more information



2 Responses to “(5) Spirituality”

  1. bodhicroan Says:

    -and, all things lead to expanding one’s consciousness, as the greatest tool
    of sustanability.

  2. bodhicroan Says:

    if interested.
    contemplate quantum physics and morph that into quantum consciousness

    I really recommend:
    PUNK SCIENCE: Inside the Mind of God
    by Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton

    There is an interview on conscious tv web site, under her name.

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