Shameless Self-Promotion

Hello, SCODites, this is my first post, and I love SCOD. But, I’m really here for shameless self-promotion of my two (thus far) books: Suicide Surprise and its first sequel Vampire Surprise. They are both available on as paperback or kindle. I have recently lowered prices to $7.99 for paperbacks and $4.99 for kindle, but it may take up to 2 weeks for those changes to show up. These will now be “Sherwood Forest Prices.” This way you can try a new author for less money. Discuss.

In the meantime, visit my site at and make some comments (unless they are mean comments–mean comments suck–hah hah). I’d love to hear from you, unless you are a shameless Twilight fan. Hell, even if you are a Twilight fan, come on over. What the hell. We all like vampires here, even those “vegetarian” kind. Blah.

Your horror-loving SCOD member, Sunshine (aka Noel Lana Tavano)

P.S. Jacob is better than Edward.


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