Fantasy Roleplaying Vs. TV Evangelists

Fantasy Roleplaying Vs. TV Evangelists

Walton Stowell 1989

English Essay

“Satan, get thee behind me.” – Jesus to Peter

The churches have always been solidly against the Devil and his worshipers, and their rooting-out-of-evil has been spread far-and-wide for centuries. But how far can they extend their search for Satan? Do common ministers have to persecute anything that they choose, if they can relate it to the Devil?

Although TV evangelists mainly focus their speeches against Sin, generalized youth, perceived demonic cults, and heavy-metal bands; they love to scan roleplaying games for material that may contain demonic inferences. Dungeons & Dragons (created by the TSR company) has been a target of ministers like Pat Robertson. The funniest thing is that D&D was created as a game that prompts youth to strive against things that are bad. In the original D&D player characters battled AGAINST evil demons and devils and monsters. In the later D&D version (AD&D) all references to the supernatural occult religion of Christianity have been cut out.

Teen suicides related to fantasy-roleplaying, actually have very little to do with the game. Individuals who are depressed, or mentally unstable, can use anything that they get involved in as a reason to be sad or happy. In the case of D&D there is nothing inherent in the game to blame, as it depends on the people playing it. As you play the game, you mostly increase your treasure, levels, and experience points. If played correctly, only rarely do characters suffer losses, and when they do it is the job of the DM (Dungeon Master) to help the player feel better and give them chances to succeed in the game.

So I say to the ministers of Christianity, “Calm yourself and get an imagination!”

Graded A on content

The Banner School, Frederick, MD


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