SCOD Pledge

Both the Architectural Engineering Industry and the Automotive Engineering Industry have allowed corporate greed to hinder better environmental designs, at our planetary expense. SCOD exists as a theoretical oasis and existing database for ethical survivalists around the world.


1. I am an Eco-Warrior; Nature is Life and Death.

2. I am a Patriot; Liberty in Life and Death.

3. Active Awareness; History Now and Tomorrow; Forever.


We should not be scared off by corporate lackeys, because once they are employed by environmental firms their loyalties will be more in line with nature. The only real reason people defend using fossil fuels is because they do not know any better. For too long our system has been enslaved to this warlike mentality of progress vs nature, rather than the way of the future that should be progress with nature. I am tired of the lame excuses, let us start now. I am an environmentalist.


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