Environmental Public Education

Regarding environmental public education, there is good news. There are modern tools for anyone to use for free on the internet. These tools include programs, games, and information on all topics of study.  Teachers are using online tools even in West Virginia Public Schools, and many of these actually include environmental education. This is a website being used in 2009:


Recommended Alternative Energy Program Game:

1. Click on Science Netlink Section

2. Click on Tools

3. Find “Power Up!” and click on the game link (or click below)



One Response to “Environmental Public Education”

  1. Blueharpfairy Says:

    The Green Revolution not only has corrupt Corporations, Republicans, and NeoCons to battle; but also fringe pollution-deniers like Alex Jones who has been an independent revolutionary on every other issue. Its the same thing that happened with Michael Crihton. As the Green Movement gets more popular, there are some that will balance government power with resistence; the only problem is when is it government abuse and when is it government control against environmental abuse?

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