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SCOD Mission Statement “Seek”

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We seek others of like mind, spirit, and soul.

We seek kinship of the heart, and loyalty in friendship.

We seek Truth, in all its forms.

We seek Land, to build upon.

We seek to unite other communities, in common communication.

We seek to untie ourselves from unwanted mundane bonds.

We seek a Medieval Tavern to gather locals and visitors alike.

We seek dwellings to be individuals, personally designed.

We seek fields to grow our own food, and have open space.

We seek groves of trees, to selectively use for harvest of food, shelter, and fire. Under their giant branches we gain wisdom from their shade.

So Mote it Be.


SCOD is like Paganism in its mission. In Paganism there is no single leader, scripture or religious philosophy. Most Pagans, however, believe in the divine character of the natural world and Paganism is often described as an “Earth religion”.

Doctor Dippie’s Fairy Tails

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Doctor Dippie’s Table of Remarkable Contempt

Many Wonderful Bed-Time Stories for Kids of All Ages

Published by Firewalker Ink 1988-2009

Story Book 1:     Timmy The Good Boy                            1988

Story Book 2:     The Revenge of the Three Bears             1988

Story Book 3:     A Talk At Blue Dolphins Baywater Coastline    1989

Story Book 4:     Coal Black and the Seven Dorks                     1990

Story Book 5:      Biography of Dr. Dippie “Committed”           1995

Story Book 6:      Dr. Dippie’s Short Fairy Tails                        1995

Doctor D


Matt R. Dippie was born a Scientist and Writer with an aptitude for neither. His hobbies include color-coating his pens, and History. He was born in a paper sack in a museum.

Medical Record: Nose lift, punch that smashed in his glasses rendering him blind, 10 years at an insane asylum.

Favorite saying:   “That belongs on the press!”

Matt is a famous and wonderful author of children stories. His whimsical approach to story telling makes old fairy tales come to life with gay on look.

– A. Newman


Doctor Dippie’s demented fairy tales are inappropriate choking hazards for kids of all ages. This book contains many disturbing bed-time stories with foul language, bad words, offensive curses, and swears. It is banned in all 50 States. If you buy, sell, or own this book you may be arrested and fined by a court of law. Reading this book is known to cause cancer, suicide, sickness, death, depression, warts, insanity, shortness, and stuttering. Do not buy this book. Do not read this book.



(see also his ‘Short Faery Tails‘ and other writings)

(Do not attempt to read his book ‘THIS BOOK‘)

Sherlock Holmes: Case of De Speckled Band

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October 19, 1988

Banner Reading Class


~Rewritten from the finale’ of the later half of the Case…


Holmes: Quickly, Watson! Roylott’s room!


As they slam open the door, Roylott is found picking his nose.


Roylott: What are you doing here Holmes?


Holmes crosses to Roylott’s desk.


Holmes: The question is, what are you doing here so late in the night with a snake whistle?!


Roylott: Where did you just come from, the out-house, Holmes??!


As they begin to argue, a snake crawls through the vent.


Watson: By Jove! Great Scott! Good Heavens! Holy cow! Gee, gosh it’s the snake!


Holmes: Stop studdering man! Waths gonnen on…?


Holmes can barely speak as he struggles to get the snake off his neck.


Holmes: Uggggggg! Roythsluttt, yuth ever git awau!


Roylott grabs a gun as Watson charges.


Watson: Bouncing bullets, no you don’t Roylott!


Just then a cheetah runs through, knocking the desk and Watson out the window.


Roylott: Ha Holmes! Looks like your caught with your pants down!


Water starts to fill the room rapidly, and Holmes throws the snake onto Roylott.


Holmes: Why don’t you just stick that gun up your nose! You are going to jail Roylott!


Roylott knocks the snake off, and aims again. The cheetah runs out into the hall.


Roylott: Me going to jail is as likely as you shutting your mouth! Its not going to happen! Hahhahahahhahahah! Hahaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …..


Roylott falls to the water as the snake bites him in the butt. Holmes pulls him out, but its too late. Holmes goes to the window and looks down. Watson hangs from a flag pole.


Holmes: My dear Watson, get up here! We are missing tea-time old chap!


After Watson gets up, they wade through the water, knocking the snake aside.


Watson: Where is Roylott, Holmes?


Holmes: Im afraid Roylott kicked the bucket.


Watson: What??


Holmes: Never mind.


Watson: What is all this water?


Holmes: Let’s go find out, shall we?


They follow the water to the bathroom. They open the door.


Holmes: The baboon is in the water closet!


They are surprised to see the toilet over-flowing with the baboon inside holding his nose.


Watson: What’s he doing Holmes?


Holmes: Elementary my dear Watson, elementary.


Watson: Do you mean that he went to the Loo?


Holmes: No he is representing “smell no evil”!


Fireworks go off, Holmes begins to dance, and Motely Crue starts playing.






TARTIAR 01 “Tartiar The Mighty”

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Level 3 Roleplay © 1988

Needed: pen, paper, coins

Tart Title

You are a Man-A-Kill warrior. At age 24, you are Tartiar The Mighty. A gaping giant  plundered and killed people in your tribe. Many warriors have never come back from fighting giants, and your brother never returned from the cave of this particular giant. You have decided you will go. You set off with spear in hand. Tartiar (30 life points, Level 3)


As you come into a grassy plain, Dahrmy the Mad Berserker rides up to you and challenges you to a fight. (Attacks use coins for each Level, flipped per turn)

[Say “No thank you,” and try to avoid Dahrmy to continue your Quest go to #2]

[Take Dahrmy’s offer to fight, continue reading]


Dahrmy gets off his horse and runs at you, sword in hand!

Tartiar (30 life points, Level 3)  Dahrmy (15 life points, Level 1)

[Lose the battle go to #3]          [Win, continue reading]


You stand over the massacred old man. You take Dahrmy’s horse to ride, count his coins, and eat his food. After riding a ways, you get off your horse and grab your spear. In front of you there are 3 caves in a large cliff known as “Big Man’s Bluff”.

[Go in First Cave #4, Second Cave #5, Third Cave #6]


#1  Inside the gaping giant is asleep! (you have 2 attacks, before he attacks)

Giant (50 life points, Level 4)                Mara (15 life points, Level 3)

[If you lose, go to #11]             [If you win, continue reading]


You beat the Giant! You (and Mara if she is still with you) ride back to your tribe, with the head of the giant and become Chief! THE END


#2  You refuse Dahrmy. He calls you a whimp and rides away. You come to a large cave.

[Go in the large cave #7]           [Keep walking #8]


#3  You lie on your face, defeated in shame. He rides away. Later a young woman cleric comes and heals you. She carries a quarter staff and will aid you in your battles. She says that she is on a quest to kill the giant too. [Go to #7]


#4  You enter the First Cave. You come to a small room which is dimly lit. There is a glowing sword ahead. You reach for it. A male nymph jumps out of the shadows! “You must pay for that!” says he. After negotiation the nymph accepts 5 gold coins that you give him in exchange for the magic sword and its sheath. (magic sword +1 on attacks)

[Leave and go to the Second Cave #5] [Leave and go to the Third Cave #6]


#5  You enter the Second Cave, walking deep within. A kobold jumps out!

[Flee #9]          [Fight #10]


#6  You enter the Third and Largest Cave. You come to a very large room. A giant foot clomps in front of you! The battle with the Gaping Giant begins!

Giant (50 life points, Level 4)                [Lose #11]       [Win #12]


#7  You go inside the Large Cave in the cliff near you. [Go to #1]


#8  You continue on. A band of trolls jump down from nearby trees!

Trolls (life points: A.5, B.5, C.7, D.10, E.15; Level 1) [If all trolls fail 1 attack, you Win]

[Win go to #13] [Lose continue reading]

It was a nice fight, but the trolls overwhelmed you. THE END


#9  Fleeing, you follow a bend in the tunnel. Turning, another kobold blocks your way!

Kobolds (5 life points, Level 1) [Win got to #6] [Lose continue reading]

Sorry, these small subterranean dog-like feral creatures will not retreat, and eventually over come your height and strength advantages. You die a cold and bloody death in a dark carven tunnel. THE END



#10  Kobolds (5 life points, Level 1)     [Win got to #14] [Lose continue reading]

You die a cold and bloody death in a dark carven tunnel. THE END


#11  The Giant has crushed you. You have failed. Nice try. THE END


#12  You have beat the Gaping Giant! When you get back, you are made the chief of your tribe! (next adventure: “Tartiar The Chief”) THE END


#13  You are wounded by troll stabbings and bludgeoning, but are close to winning the fight. A troll leader jumps out of the bushes and challenges you to one-on-one combat.

Troll Leader (F.15, Level 2)

(at zero life points Troll Leader will escape combat and retreat into a hole in the ground)

[Win go to #15]            [Lose, good try, but you die. THE END]


#14  You got out of the Second Cave. [First Cave #4] [Third Cave #6]


#15  As you walk along, you come to 2 tunnels. [Tunnel 1 #16] [Tunnel 2 #17]


#16  You walk along and in tunnel find a box of gold! [This tunnel leads to #17]


#17  A boulder crushes you. THE END

Heart of Darkness

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Joseph Conrad’s the Heart of Darkness, takes place in a world within a world. It is a microcosm that contains dark places of the human soul (a region that Conrad vividly explores). At the ‘heart’ of this ‘planet of darkness’ is a rebel who has thrown away society as he knew it. This metaphoric ‘heart’ applies gravity to the plot. The ‘heart’ is epitomized in the character Kurtz.


Kurtz, the European ivory trader, has cast off his ties with the outside world, and has taken it upon himself to control and master his surroundings (including the natives). Kurtz represents man’s tendency to revert to animal instincts, and to exploit the weaker, (or ignorant) of the species. He becomes God to the natives, undoubtedly expanding his already crazed ego to the point of explosion. For most of the story, Kurtz is the unseen legend or myth.


I recommend this book to anyone interested in separate worlds apart from our own. It supplies (however limited) an in-depth look at an intricate sub-world of our planet. Conrad may not exhibit the intricateness of such authors as C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien, but he definitely delves deep into the realm of creativity and human sub consciousness. Untold darkness lies within the mind of man.


Foot note:  The plot for the famous film set in Vietnam (“Apocalypse Now”) is based on Heart of Darkness.

The Pact

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Based on Blue Oyster Cult’s “The Pact”

I spent many hot summer days living in a land of dreams and fantasy. Images and music such as this filled my time and my dreams. The world was less complicated, even so- fantasy was my escape. The youtube video is an attempt to recapture just a hint of my youth, to remind me of the long days gone by. Even now, I can almost reach this world of savages and nobles, of knights errant and maidens fair. A world of honor and quest, a world of bloodshed and travail. A world in which one really lived strong and brave.

Live by the sword, live a good long time
Minsc of Baldur’s Gate

“Every man dies, not every man really lives.”

Behold the sword of power, Excalibur

Musical Blades

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After watching the GO GREEN Promontage 03 video on Youtube, with the music from Cruachan, I must confess I have not been familiar with this wonderful band.  I have looked into their music and I am hooked.  So I thought I would share a probably less known, and more local band that I truly enjoy.  I wish I could see them more often than just waiting for the Ren Faire season, but they are named “The Musical Blades”.  They are far different than Cruachan and I am not sure why I connected the two in my mind, although they both move me far more than any contemporary music does these days.

The Musical blades are a pirate act that performs regularly at the Faires in the Midwest, I am not sure their entire schedule (it is available on their website ) but I believe they have worked Faires throughout several states in the Midwest.  Some of my old vids have their music as backing, and if I can find the footage on my PC, I have some wonderful performances by them.  They truly enjoy what they are doing and they love to involve the crowd in their often ribald songs.

Some of my best Faire memories of the last couple of years, is sitting in a little pub or pavilion with a full mug of ale, singing and stomping my feet with a mighty “HUZZZAHHH”.

“When I die, I want to go to pirate heaven………..”