10. Six Sick, Sick Poems

(1) The Poem of Deathstalker and Firewalker, the Bobpsy-Twins

I am a turtle. One llama? Two llamas?? Three llamas??? No! Three llamas and a coyote.

I am a turtle, hear my skin breathe. I am a turtle’s tail, can you find me?

I am a cute fishy. Aren’t I?

I am a maggot. This is my rotten gerbil home.

Moooooooo! I am a fat cow. You can kill me and eat me. Drink my milk.

Am I under a rock?                 No.

Am I under your paw?            No.

Can you find me and my big fat claw?!!!        Yes.

I am a HAPPY flower. I am a DEAD flower.

(2) Suicide Is Served

Suicide is a dish, best served cold.

(3) Fast Food, Fast Shit

Eat, eat, eat, eat. Eat so much and fast that you can not stop!

Fill your face until you drop. Live fast, and die fast.

Fast food, fast shit.

Slow food, slow shit.

Take your pick!

(4) No One Knows

Know one knows, what I’ve been told. No one cares.

Even I cannot remember, what was said to me.

Even if they care, it doesn’t matter. Not one bit.

Im dying inside my head, how about you?

Im dying inside my body, isn’t it true?

You cannot deny it.

We are all fucked.

Go take a shit.

(5) Follow the Flow

Do what they tell you. There is no reason to think you are special.

(6) Miss Betsy’s Sulfuric Acid Advertisement

Miss Betsy’s Old Style Sulfuric Acid

You can use it for fertilizer.

You can use it as a sun tan lotion, and never worry about the sun again.

Its used in the manufacturing of many products, plastic, or otherwise.

Its included in the world-famous acid rain!

I bet you are wondering:

How can I get this miracle product?

You can call our number, and give us your consumer cash!! NOW!!!

“Hey honey, how is that new sun tan lotion?”


Call now.


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