8. Little Billy and the Big Bang

One day Little Billy went to play with the Old Chemist down the street. The Old Chemist was very fond of Little Billy, and often shared secrets of the Universe with him when they played together. Today, Little Billy had a secret to share with the Old Chemist.

“How are you, Little Billy?” the Old Chemist asked, adjusting his beakers.

“Very well, thank you.” Little Billy told the Old Chemist, allowing himself to be touched on the head by the elderly gentleman. “What games are we going to play today?”

“Well I thought that we might tinker around with some hydrogen balloons, sprinkle around some black powder, and adjust the methane valves and tanks.”

“Wow, that sounds fun!” Little Billy exclaimed, and they began playing. It wasn’t long before Little Billy remembered that he had a secret to share with the Old Chemist. Little Billy held a hydrogen balloon in one hand, sprinkled some black powder in his hair, and opened a methane valve while the Old Chemist tapped the tanks with a hammer. “Oh, I almost forgot, I have a surprise for you this time, Old Chemist!”

“Really?” the Old Chemist asked, spilling alcohol and petroleum oils on his hands.

“Yes,” Little Billy said digging in his pocket, searching for his secret to share. “Here it is! Remember that story you read me about ‘The Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’? Well I can make magic too!” and with that, Little Billy pulled out at lighter. By rubbing his thumb on the small mechanism, Little Billy learned about the Big Bang.


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