Feeling Like John Brown

I feel like John Brown, when he came into Harpers Ferry to free the land of slavery, and people were not that into his ideas (at that time). Bad timing? It could be argued that the people that resisted him were more than likely to do so, regardless of timing; or rather they were a product of their time, and nothing could have changed that, within their life time.

I think John Brown planned and executed the Raid, knowing how impossible it was to succeed, but doing it anyway because he knew that freedom was worth fighting for, and slavery was unjust and should be unacceptable to all Christians or morally righteous people with an ethical conscience.

Without knowing about the man, you might think John Brown was rash and stupid. On the contrary, he spent his whole life in religious study and contemplation. His decision was more based on religious interpretation of the Old Testament, and martyrdom than strategy. Could anyone have come up with a better strategy, without Civil War? Well no one seems to have done any better.

John Brown remains a topic of discussion and interest, none-the-less over the years. I guess since im dealing with social anxiety issues, and my own military career etc; on the Anniversary of the Raid, JB is hitting home again with me this year.

I guess it should be said we dont look to people like John Brown, Socrates, or Jesus for ways on how to avoid being killed by the State (and those in control of it); but rather we glean how to remain true to one’s self in the face of terminal opposition. For better or worse.


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