Overpopulation / Education

Global Humanity Problem / Solution Summary; After Decades Modern Civilization Conclusions are the Same

These are the same results I found during my Architectural Thesis in 2000. The larger the amount of humans on the planet, makes for less available resources per person over time. Overpopulation makes our impact EXPONENTIAL, for better and for worse. The responsibility of Stewardship is also therefore increasingly harder.

War and Environmental problems become harder to handle, while we at the same time develop better tools and more workers to help pre-existing problems. Civilized SUSTAINABILITY can be seen as a large building; the more you add on to accommodate people, the more you have to maintain, and larger problems are created that may be un-sustainable. Utopia was never perfect, even in the original novel by Sir Thomas More.

My most positive conclusion (besides escapism, nihilism, or negativism) has always been EDUCATION. It is the longest way, but the best answer. High-tech games are only beginning to address the needs of education for the future, but we must develop many more tools.


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