Deer Overpopulation


Human overpopulation is the main contributing factor to the overpopulation of deer. The overpopulation of deer affects the urban environment, just as urban sprawl displaces deer from their natural environment. Urban growth and deer overpopulation are both symptoms of human overpopulation.

Bring back the wolves! Heh, well maybe not. Wolves are dangerous, that is why we slaughter them. Despite the fact that wolves are dangerous to humans, they are part of the natural food chain. We have disrupted our own food chain in recent centuries with the annihilation of natural deer predators, like wolves. Although it is not easy, we must take responsibility for our own impact on the eco-system.

Automobiles kill more deer, than hunters do every year in America. Vehicles hitting deer on roadways is a problem for humans, as well as for deer. If you care about the deer, this should upset you as they are getting slaughtered by the millions. If you care about humans or automobiles, then there is a major safety problem on highways and roads. If you care about vegetation, gardens, farms, and public sanitation then our country homesteads, towns, and cities are endangered.

A group of deer often eat enough crop in one night, to destroy a season worth of human family food without being seen. This is easily done in a single garden location, especially while the plants are young. Fencing off every field and garden from deer is not practical, although it helps to have some type of ward or protection.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is spreading throughout deer populations nationwide, parallel with deer overpopulation. CWD is a neurological disease of deer producing brain lesions, behavioral abnormalities, body deterioration, and death. CWD is a TSE similar to mad cow disease in cattle. Prions, the infectious agent, are proteins without associated nucleic acids (not bacterial or viral). Hunters are not recommended to use the meat.

Tens-of-Thousands of Americans are infected with Lyme disease, a statistic increasing every year. Lyme disease is spread through deer ticks. Lyme disease causes painful skin blotches, headaches, aching, and swollen joints. There is treatment but no known cure for Lyme disease in humans.

Deer overpopulation is harming humans, not just our rural and urban environment. Hunters, animal rights activists, and environmentalists must come together to solve the problem. If we do not, then more automobiles will kill more deer and humans, in a tragedy worse than life before cell phones. If humans are the cause of the problem, let humans find the answer. If apathy is always is our collective answer to problems of our own overpopulation, then Nature will find answers to our problems. Natural answers are not always in our best interest, and not in your best interest if you don’t want to be killed by plagues caused by overpopulation.

* plague in it’s Biblical reference refers to swarms of crop eaters, not just disease; although a deer is a large bug to have land on your windshield.


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9 Responses to “Deer Overpopulation”

  1. ghettoblackify Says:


  2. Phelan Vanth Says:

    I don’t feel that humans should play ‘god’ with Mother Nature–period. Just who the hell do we think we are? To destroy the ecology of one is to destroy the ecology of all. I’m probably going to sound crazy here, but a wolf’s life IS just as important as my life. Everything on this planet is here for a reason, that includes TSEs. Bring back wolf pop. and TSEs start to dissappear. If you’re worried about wolves being dangerous, don’t seek them out. Don’t eat meat or keep farms with easily huntable animals that wolves can easily pick off and that will bring wolves around your home, i.e. cattle farms, especially. It’s not their fault, they’re just trying to survive too. Wolves and humans are much alike in survival instincts. They can be lazy about where their food comes from (like cattle farms), just as we go to the covenient stores for our food rather than grow and harvest and cook our food. I digress.

    And, of course, I understand it’s a little too late for us to change how we have manipulated our planet to suit our needs without considering the needs of the rest of the planet’s living things, but it’s sure worth a shot in trying. I also think that it’s all very complicated, and most people could careless due to their own selfishness and survival, which I how changes for our and the planet’s sake.

    • Phelan Vanth wins one for the wolves! Wolf Rangers (Ulfheadnars) should be a common occupation in American counties, in order to provide proper Stewardship for woodland wolf packs and human development. Human developments include farms, homesteads, communities, towns, cities, and highways. Thank you for your input, on behalf of Fenrir and Fenris.

  3. Here is my updated blog entry post on the subject of Deer Overpopulation:
    Deer Deterrents, Wards, and Ambushes: Serious (Non-Lethal) Solutions for Deer Problems

  4. I also think we can develop new technology so the animal rights activists will remain happy. I use Havahart’s Deer Off on my property and it’s done wonders. It’s organic, natural, and doesn’t harm the animals. It uses scent and taste to repel them. As for motorcycle and vehicle accidents, they can just use those whistles that scare deer away.

    • Deer whistles don’t work. People simply need to slow down and pay attention, in every aspect of life.

      • Great point JNOes. Going slow tends to lessen accidents of all kinds. Sometimes like on a one lane road with a speed demon tailgater behind you, pulling over can puncture a tire, so sometimes the factors for accidents are higher than other times. But if more people did slow down their entire lives in several ways, I think things would be better.


  6. HELL YA!!!!

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