People Prefer Sports & War

Hypothesis Question: What major activity do Americans most prefer?

Hypothesis Presupposition: People prefer watching or playing sports and war, rather than engaging in education, art, meditational exercise, or helping others through peaceful activities.

Supporting Evidence: Major TV Network News, Sports, Films, History, US Congress budgets

Sports & Wars have evolved technologically; but I wonder if we are advancing our values as a civilization, treading water, or really just sinking like the Roman Empire. Granted NFL Football is not as violent as Gladiator fights, but the budget and fervor must be similar. The height of civilization is how tall its stadiums are, and how high the explosions are.

Which do you prefer?

[Choose from Sports, Art, Animals, Education, War, or make your own]


5 Responses to “People Prefer Sports & War”

  1. i prefer art…if i might add my two cents to your hypothesis, my personal thought is it’s probably due to our most instinctive survival wiring that relates to seeing things in black and white, good and evil, home vs. away. Gray areas, vis a vis, the multiplicies of thought, preference and action found in education, art and meditation make it impossible to just “take sides” (ie ‘run away screaming or approach with a smile), so why don’t people find such multiples more interesting? I start to answer that question with another one….Why are so many people ‘single issue’ voters… Isn’t it because it’s easy? or, is it something more serious, more debilitating? Why don’t 3 or 4 or five or ten football teams play simultaneously, doesn’t that more accurately reflect the typical contemporary coalition force wars we wage? Still, despite the complexities of even this, we consistently maintain the reference of us vs. them. …I’m all over the place here, but it’s my stream of consciousness at the moment. I would maintain that the majority of people enjoy watching both of these things rather than engaging, by doing so removes them further from any chance of even remotely experiencing remorse or enlightenment, that’s just wouldn’t be entertaining…pretty disgusting.

  2. jNOes@yahmail.con Says:

    I prefer “make my own.”
    Entertainment for me includes friends, enjoying nature, growing/harvesting my own food in both garden and wild fishing, making my own energy from solar, wind, some wood.

    For fishing it is amazing that people consider so many fish “trash species.” I only take rough fish that nobody else wants, nothing stocked or endangered and no “game” fish. There are so many fish around my part of the country that nobody wants that are so good eating and easy to catch, carp being the main one along with gar, sheepshead, etc.

    • jNOes@yahmail.con Says:

      I guess entertainment for me is living a simple life that does as little harm to my world as possible.

      • Fantastic response JNOes! Thanks, fishing even as a sport actually seems to lend itself to meditation, and therefore more caring stewards of life and the environment. Carpe diem!

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