Dr. Dippie’s Short Faerie’s Tails

Prolonged Prolog(ue’)


Shortly after the death of Doctor Dippie, these strange scribblings were translated from his entrails, upon execution of his Will. This collection of short stories and tales is dedicated to his dear friends and brothers from RWU: Deathstalker, Cordite, and the Smelly, Furry Hippy, with whom he spent many hours “Tossing the Panda”. Also Sir Jeffy, Gleason, and Gramps Speeg.

Note: not to be confused with his ‘Fairy Tails

– Firewalker Publishing 1995


1.      The Blue Van with Pink Polka-Dots

2.      Cat in the Cradle, Baby in the Box

3.      Young Edward Chesterfield Goes to the Store

4.      Monkeys in My Pockets

5.      The Little Chihuahua

6.      Death On The Brain

7.      The Purpose of Your Pitiful Life

8.      Little Billy and the Big Bang

9.      The Case of the Missing Pickle (Part 2)

10.    Six Sick, Sick Poems


Adult Content, not for good children over the age of 2 or under the age of 500


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