Doctor Dippie’s Fairy Tails

Doctor Dippie’s Table of Remarkable Contempt

Many Wonderful Bed-Time Stories for Kids of All Ages

Published by Firewalker Ink 1988-2009

Story Book 1:     Timmy The Good Boy                            1988

Story Book 2:     The Revenge of the Three Bears             1988

Story Book 3:     A Talk At Blue Dolphins Baywater Coastline    1989

Story Book 4:     Coal Black and the Seven Dorks                     1990

Story Book 5:      Biography of Dr. Dippie “Committed”           1995

Story Book 6:      Dr. Dippie’s Short Fairy Tails                        1995

Doctor D


Matt R. Dippie was born a Scientist and Writer with an aptitude for neither. His hobbies include color-coating his pens, and History. He was born in a paper sack in a museum.

Medical Record: Nose lift, punch that smashed in his glasses rendering him blind, 10 years at an insane asylum.

Favorite saying:   “That belongs on the press!”

Matt is a famous and wonderful author of children stories. His whimsical approach to story telling makes old fairy tales come to life with gay on look.

– A. Newman


Doctor Dippie’s demented fairy tales are inappropriate choking hazards for kids of all ages. This book contains many disturbing bed-time stories with foul language, bad words, offensive curses, and swears. It is banned in all 50 States. If you buy, sell, or own this book you may be arrested and fined by a court of law. Reading this book is known to cause cancer, suicide, sickness, death, depression, warts, insanity, shortness, and stuttering. Do not buy this book. Do not read this book.



(see also his ‘Short Faery Tails‘ and other writings)

(Do not attempt to read his book ‘THIS BOOK‘)


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