Solar Power

President Barack Obama toured Solar Energy Plants in 2009. In the spring he toured Las Vegas, Nevada; then he visited Arcadia, Florida; where he announced that $3.4 billion in “smart grid” energy technology grants included $267 million in Tampa, Florida.

A Florida Power & Light project received one of the nation’s largest grants: $200 million to create a smart grid in the company’s service area. The University of South Florida was also involved in the research and technology of the Arcadia Plant, but they received significantly less grant money.

Solar Power has taken a back seat to Oil, along with all other alternative energies for decades. Oil took the Industrial Throne from Coal, although Coal is certainly alive and burning pollution all over the United States. Oil as a dark liquid evil, also inherited the crusades in the Middle East, which Spices once caused for centuries.

It is only by supporting alternative renewable, clean energies like Solar Power that we can begin to take the dominant causes of War and Pollution away. Active Solar Power has come a long way, but not nearly as far as it would have if it were not owned by Oil Companies (see the history of BP Solarex). Passive Solar as well have much potential.

Both Passive and Active Solar Power can be used by almost every home in the United States if we make the technologies more accessible to the public. Advertising campaigns have done nothing to educate the public on these issues for decades as well. Some may still not understand the Power of our own Star, the Sun; and it’s continuing ability to provide us with more Power than we can use.

[notes: Active refers to Solar Panels where sunlight is made into electricity; Passive refers to any designs which harness the thermal energy of sunlight for heat gain]


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