SCOD STAR Self-Assessments

This study was based on the US military “go learn” application for on-the-job training. The STAR system can be applied to any job to determine and plan for project task objectives.  It is to be used after brainstorming, to further clarify basic ideas, and lead to conclusions and results.

STAR = Situation, Task, Activity, and Result


*** SCOD Pipedream Pub / Medieval Tavern ***

Situations: various organic individuals and ideas relating to SCOD and PDP

Tasks: individual research and projects become shared

Activities: Regular monthly meetings to discuss progress

Results: Applied knowledge physically executed


*** SCOD Designs ***

S:  develop various designs for theory, properties & clients

T:  sketching, drawing, drafting, and rendering many designs

A:  active communication among members and sharing with others who are interested

R:  in order to at least understand ideas through design, and at best more help and active members interested in furthering the designs in many ways


*** SCOD Studying ***

S: learning and remembering subjects during free time

T: to be able to readily communicate with members, new and old information

A: reading, listening, observing, and replicating or repeating

R: economic, political, and social sciences advanced and applied



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