Eating Food

I like to eat food. Food is important in moderation (as all things). Realizing that the regular eating of food is important in the daily enjoyment and functionality of Life, is in itself a Holy Revelation. The quality of the food, is in fact secondary to survival, despite what any chef or picky eater may say. When one knows what it is to starve, a bean can cause as much pleasure as the first bite of a banquet.

Health food is relative to the condition of the consumer’s body, and vice versa. Balance is good between Vegetables (passive) and Meat (aggressive). Industrialization is fueled by over indulgence in Meat.  Problems are avoided by apathy over-fed by fat, under-valued by society, and unreleased by lack of walking.

Organic vegetables prepared as Health Food is of course the best. Meat is over used, and it’s mass production is a travesty of morality. People should be more individually responsible for their consumption by growing gardens.


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