SCOD Community Network List

Home Base: (Origin) East Coast, USA

Project Bases: West Virginia, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, California, Montana

Network Bases: USA and various other Countries

Network Communities are not publicly exhibited as a list, to protect them from exploitation. SCOD functions to study, archive, and actively communicate with communities; not to make them vulnerable to outside commercial forces.

See also:  Fellowship for Intentional Community

Network Communities by Location / Type (Public):

West Virginia, Spiritual Education

Virginia, Alternative

North Carolina, Alternative Arts

Maryland, Organic Farm

Virginia, Organic Farm

West Virginia, Organic Farm

Shepherdstown, Alternative

Harpers Ferry, Historic

National Park Service

Shenandoah River, Alternative

Florida, Art Farm

Colorado, Alternative Architecture

Wisconsin, Pagan

Yosemite, Miwok Tribe

Yellowstone, Lakota Tribe

Crater Lake, Klamouth Tribe

Wisconsin, Sword Arts

Georgia, Visual Arts

Texas, Military Pagan

Arizona, Alternative Architecture

Montana, Wolf Ranch

Ohio, Alternative Education

Ruigoord, Amsterdam

Rinky Dink Sound System, UK

(not a complete list, to be continued…)


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