SCOD in Wisconsin

SCOD had been developing connections in Wisconsin, as brother Cordite has relocated there together with EmBee. Wisconsin seems to be an interesting State, judging from the area around Madison. There are many alternative establishments there to study, communicate with, and be a part of.

Albion Swords is the number one manufacturer in America of museum quality swords. Their workshop surpasses that of Toledo Swords in Spain. Also they have been filming an independent film called “Devolution: 2012”.

Circle Sanctuary is a beautiful gathering place for pagans of all kinds. Head Priestess and Co-Founder Selena Fox is welcoming, delightful, positive, and charming as a hostess for events. Circle Sanctuary has circles, animal sanctuary woodland, and was responsible for getting pentacles put on military tombstones for pagans in Arlington Cemetery. There is also a private Cemetery at Circle Sanctuary.

House on the Rock is the most amazing and bizarre house to ever exist. It is a professional tourist attraction, and is as large as many amusement parks. The architectural composition is so eclectic, it is impossible to explain in one paragraph.

Phelan Vanth has established a ghost tour known as Wicked Witchconsin. Hanging Day in Mineral Point Town has a new meaning on Halloween every year now! Doing this tour independently has given her the freedom to bring you the most gritty and blackest story of Point’s history.

The town of Mount Horeb has Trolls and the Mustard Museum, Madison University plays Quidich (from Harry Potter), and the farmland is beautiful. There are many active pagans and hybrid vehicles in Wisconsin. More reports will certainly be about Wisconsin, and Cheese.


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