SCOD Wood Working

Wands, Rods, and Staves

Walking Staves, Quarter-staves, and Canes

Scepters, Ritual Staves, and Ceremonial Poles


Art is an extension of one’s self, often manifest through an object.

Some of the stronger and more ornate pieces go for between $100 to $200.

Those are for very unique pieces that are often special request and rare materials.

Most of the work I do is affordable for anyone, from $5, $20, $40 on up to $80.


First I find branches or saplings that are dead or scheduled for clearing.

Then I meditate and offer prayers to the spirits regarding the wood.

Designs are made clear to me, so I begin by carving layers.

Next I sand and wood burn patterns, symbols, and text.

Then I oil the wood using organic oils, or stains.

Sometimes I add a thin coat of polyurethane if gloss (glamour) is desired.

Finally I add leather, metals, and other finishing details and allow its new life to begin.



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