Autumn Fall Harvest Festival

Commercial Advertising tells us that there are sales to be had the morning after Thanksgiving, on Black Friday! Wow, I say “Fuck You” Commercial Advertising. It’s bad enough that Saint Macy’s tells us we need to start buying for Christmas, by showing Christmas themes during an urban display of Corporate Pride. This Parade is shown on TVs across the USA on the day of Thanksgiving, a Holiday in it’s own right!

I like that Benjamin Franklin wanted the Turkey as America’s symbol, instead of the Eagle. I even respect my Founding Fathers, the Pilgrims, in their early days as they tried to get along with the ‘Natives’ in order to survive, and therefore tolerated their ‘savage’ company in order to be fed well, and give ‘thanks’ before over-breeding, and pushing them into virtual extinction on the East Coast.

I don’t need to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving, as part of the ritual. I am thankful for any quantity of food during this Season, as it is the last Harvest Festival of the year. To be full of food, and not starving is satisfaction enough for me. Not to mention, being accepting of vegetarians should be part of the ceremony as well.

The Crone will get her due, all Winter long. There is no rush. The Lord of Darkness will rule again soon enough, until Spring.




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