Black Friday

Adam the Craftsman, formerly of Albion Swords, via Facebook:

“It was originally called Black Friday because the people that led anti-consumerism rallies thought of it as a black day. Only in the last few years has the retail market taken it as their own. I like the original meaning more…”

Thank you Adam! We the people should reclaim Black Friday from our Corporate overlords. Rather than be consumer victims, we should be proud of our accomplishments and spend time reflecting on them, or on quality family time. People should not be expected to rush out and compete in a life-or-death consumer market, the day after a major Holiday.

Traffic is bad enough on any commuting day of the week, without forcing people into a consuming frenzy!


One Response to “Black Friday”

  1. TheAdamYouKnow Says:

    Holy Night! I’ve been quoted!


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