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What do you think of Religious Extremism?

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What do you think of Religious Extremism?

From the dawn of History, human civilization has been attacking each other in the name of Religion. Despite many extremists being Pacifists, according to their Religion’s commandments, many more are zealots who think that Holy Wars are justified. I know what I think, but I’d like to have other people give their opinions in a collection here (post below please).


Peace Through Eating

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Peace Through Gathering, Cooking, and Eating Shared Food

It cannot be denied by anyone (within the realm of reality called common sense), that food is the fastest way to a person’s heart. As Julius Caesar said “An Army is motivated by it’s stomach,” and an army is a microcosm, compared to entire nations and countries. Our emotions and mental stability are integral with our digestive systems, and the joy of food brings people very close to inner peace; even if they do not understand the feeling of satisfaction and it’s connection to peace.

Part of the secret of the system of promoting Peace Through Eating, is the communal aspects of sharing tasks and rewards. Drinking beverages is of course very similar in its own way. The key to inner peace is understanding the need for enjoying the satisfaction from these activities, and the key to world peace is sharing these feelings and practices.

Gathering food has a communal tradition, where bonds of friendship can be formed or issues discussed. This is achieved simultaneously by socializing while harvesting food. This is only the first step, so peace is not always reached during this phase (especially if hungry while gathering).

Next Preparing and/or Cooking the food has many possible levels of communal peace associated with these arts. If there is only one cook, they can achieve levels of inner peace, and their product can help others during the eating phase. If there is more than one cook in the kitchen, there can be conflict, but with the right direction even a Master Chef can be inclusive. If everyone feels they have added to the final product, there is even more mutual peace possible.

Finally Eating the Food is the best part! We need food to survive. It is only natural that this process brings much pleasure. From taste buds and smells, to a full belly, our system is sure tell us if it is pleased. If our system is pleased, it is more likely to send us the proper mentality for all kinds of peace.

* Note:

Of course Sharing deserves an essay of it’s own in accordance with Peace. So to stress the importance of sharing food, I made this video with the help of a few different characters: Freesoul Jah, Steve Porter, Julia Child, The Doors, and Cookie Monster! It was meant to be called “Peace Through Cooking”, until Muppets got ahold of it and it became: “Peace Through Cookie”

Operation Ten COW (Summary)

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Ten Conscientious Objections to War

“A Peaceful Summary”

by Walton Danforth Stowell II

Submitted to the US ANG June 2008*

1)      Joining the Military

2)      War Profiteering History

3)      Military Industrial Complex

4)      Political Belligerence

5)      Postmodern Quagmire

6)      National Guard Patriotism

7)      Environmental Readiness

8)      Local Community Service

9)      Religious Commandments

10)   Leaving the Military


Common Questions & My Answers

CO Official Application & Letters of Support



* Published with the permission of the Author

** Links will be added as web pages are made for each section

*** Buy the Kindle Book of  Ten Conscientious Objections to War


Before I separated from US military service for reasons of personal conscience, I submitted a paper to the officers of my ANG base in Martinsburg, WV; which I later published as ‘Operation 10 COW’. My 10 conscientious objections to War were:

1. I object to contradictory contracts based on War propaganda.

2. I object to perpetual war profiteering quagmires.

3. I object to political ignorance and belligerence.

4. I object to corporate capitalist greed masked as freedom.

5. I object to modern military domination of civilian militia.

6. I object to War polluting our Environment.

7. I object to War ignoring Freedom and Civil Rights.

8. I object to War interfering with local community service.

9. I object to War in contrast to Ancient Wisdoms which have taught us for thousands of years not to kill other humans, but rather show compassion, and hold the Golden Rule highest.

10. I object to the ‘conflict and loyalty appeal’ of military service, which places slavery to War above the freedom of Peace.


Nobel Peace Prize Fighters

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Why Al Gore Wins Over President Obama

Al Gore and President Obama, have both now won the Nobel Peace Prize. Both men are Democratic leaders seeking to bridge humanitarian concerns in the United States, as well as around the World. They have not only given powerful speeches on human rights, environmental concerns, and the need to help others through peaceful means, they have worked on many projects based on those ideas.

On the flip side, Republicans have done the same thing in their own way. They gave the speeches, danced the dance, and signed a bill here or there for good things. The differences between politicians, lie in the ratio of good to bad ideas as intentions, and the ratio of those ideas to successful plans accomplished with positive results.

There is no such thing as a perfect human, we have flaws. A human with the power of a leader is no more or less corrupt than average humans, they simply have more power granted to them by industrial and commercial complexes fueled by the masses; summarized as ‘the Machine’. Everything a leader decides is simply amplified, through preconceived rituals of law, and obedient communication.

Some leaders are more moral than others, according to popular opinions. Some opinions are more popular than others, at different times. With Al Gore, he is clearly the most moral if you believe that humans have been polluting our own planet since the Industrial Revolution. President Obama is more moral if you believe that we should begin to see past cultural differences, while working within the system. George Bush is more moral if you believe blindly in the doctrines of Christian Churches and Evangelicals since the Crusades.

In this essay, I am arguing in favor of Al Gore over all other well-intentioned popular leaders since Carter and Clinton. Of course this does not include lesser-known, but more valid candidates like Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul, and Dennis Kucinich (to name a few) who are closer to the earlier role models of Jesus, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, in thought and deed. Al Gore is a moral and considerate intellectual in two major fields: (1) the Environment and (2) World Peace.

Gore and Obama are both Centrist, and their popularity is due in part to their ability to appeal to many people while being backed by powerful lobbyists. Gore wins by being stronger in his two strongest fields: The Environment and World Peace.

I post this as a reaction to President Obama’s bold speech defending War (in particular his inherited conflicts in the Middle East), by proudly saying that he thinks they are “justified”. Obama chose to defend these industrial attempts at repeating the follies of past centuries of human violence, just as he said he would while running for President. There was no ‘HOPE’ for World Peace if you listened to what he said. Obama declared early on that nukes would “never be off-the-table”, and that we must always use them to threaten anyone who acts against us.

World Peace under military domination of an Empire, is barely World Peace; and if it ever is, it is spotted with rebel uprisings as Empires always are. To be fair to the devil, tribes have fought throughout history as well, even without empires. The conclusion is that World Peace is no more achievable by an Empire than it is by a unity of Tribes.

Individualism is too much a part of civilization to be stamped out by a combat boot. As Orwell and Huxley knew, oppression is far less stable than control through reward. Here is an excerpt from Al Gore’s book Assault On Reason:

“The pursuit of “dominance” in foreign policy led the Bush administration to ignore the UN, to do serious damage to our most important alliances, to violate international law, and to cultivate the hatred and contempt of many in the rest of the world. The seductive appeal of exercising unconstrained unilateral power led this president to interpret his powers under the constitution in a way that brought to life the worst nightmare of the founders. Any policy based on domination of the rest of the world not only creates enemies for the US and recruits for al-Qaida, but also undermines the international cooperation that is essential to defeating terrorists who wish to harm and intimidate America. Instead of “dominance”, we should be seeking pre-eminence in a world where nations respect us and seek to follow our leadership and adopt our values.”

I encourage everyone who fights for the ideals of Inner Peace, Local Peace, and World Peace to study the writings of Al Gore. We are a part of our Environment.

*Al Gore is a former US Vice-President and won the Popular Vote for President; the quote is extracted from his book, The Assault on Reason, published by Bloomsbury © Al Gore

Use old speakers to play ipods

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Do you still have any older model tvs or radios?

Rather than simply throw them out, or recycle them, think about reusing them if you have an ipod. Tvs, radios, and home stereos can all be used to play ipods with only a few affordable steps. If you already have an ipod, then most of the cost has already been paid.

Here is what you will need:

1. ipod (phone, regular, nano, or shuffle)

2. Radio Transmitter ($5o) or Audio Cables ($20)

3. Old TVs, radios, stereos


Here are the steps to connect them (although the order can be reversed):

1. connect ipod to the transmitter (or cable)

2. set ipod down near tv, radio, or stereo

3. turn on tv, radio, or stereo


notes:  TVs need to be on the right mode or channel to play aux ipod

Radios and Stereos station needs to match the Transmitter

This should help reduce landfill waste! Enjoy anywhere !

Stewardship of Trees

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There are so many applications of tree stewardship in America, yet little funds allocated towards the responsible maintenance of our forgotten cousins.

Parking lots

Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)



Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)



Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)



Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)



Environmental Summary

Branches Overhang

Seed Products: Nuts, Fruits, and Berries and more

Leaves, Sap, and Seeds

Trunks (bark)


(more to be found in the original SCOD Thesis)

Death to Christmas Trees!

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Every year, millions of perfectly good evergreen trees are slaughtered, decked out, and then thrown out. Yes, in the name of Jesus Christ, we massacre trees in America for our pride in gaudy ritual. We say we love Christmas Trees, much the same as hunters who love animals so much they kill them, and put them on display, dead.

Their dead carcasses are displayed and decorated, in the name of Christmas. However I think it a far more practical Holiday ritual is the Pagan Yule Log, which actually serves to warm and provide light on a dark night. If you are going to kill a tree, I think it should at least be used for something. Killing trees for Christmas Trees makes as much sense to me as human sacrifice.

If the tree is already dead, that is different. If you want to display a dead tree, just use one that is already dead, and then use it for fuel or compost. Artificial trees are more environmental, if they are kept and reused. Every tree killed in the prime of life is a loss, because trees burn or compost better after they have been dead for a few years. The only good use for killing a tree human size or larger is for use in construction.

Another alternative idea to industrial tree slaughter, is to use a smaller tree that a child could carry. Grow it yourself, and harvest it yourself. Then as you display it, it will mean more to you. I have actually had people tell me they would not be able to cut it, as they would be attached to it, but these same people want to buy a large tree every year that someone else has killed. There is also such as thing as a potted tree.

The best conclusion is for most people to have a small dead tree, or a small fake tree indoors, and decorate a living evergreen tree outside. If people do not have a yard, they should be able to decorate a community living tree. Living evergreen trees can grow quite tall, and can be much more impressive than the usual sizes that are dead. Remember, you can have less environmental impact, if you must own an interior tree, by either using a potted tree or at least having a dead one smaller than yourself.