A pact made among equals, is only as good as their word or actions; unless an outside body was chosen to arbitrate or enforce. With SCOD there is no outside force to determine our fates, for we are bold enough not to ask the gods for what we can do for ourselves.

Plans are made, and then plans remain unmade, efforts are destroyed, or they are achieved to a certain degree. If a party goes back on their word, there may or may not be consequences for the project. If it was in some way dependent on that individual in order to complete it, then the project may have been stopped or held up by that action.

Although no law holds us to an agreement, arbitrary judgment can still occur, with or without impact on the individuals. Unless there is no one to judge but the partners. Then it is simply a failed plan.

The failure of a plan, does not always mean that it cannot be reborn. The plan can be altered to accommodate changes. Those who wish to see a project completed, can adapt and overcome obstacles or missing bridges. Blocks can be removed or avoided, and new bridges can be built or boats used.


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