Use old speakers to play ipods

Do you still have any older model tvs or radios?

Rather than simply throw them out, or recycle them, think about reusing them if you have an ipod. Tvs, radios, and home stereos can all be used to play ipods with only a few affordable steps. If you already have an ipod, then most of the cost has already been paid.

Here is what you will need:

1. ipod (phone, regular, nano, or shuffle)

2. Radio Transmitter ($5o) or Audio Cables ($20)

3. Old TVs, radios, stereos


Here are the steps to connect them (although the order can be reversed):

1. connect ipod to the transmitter (or cable)

2. set ipod down near tv, radio, or stereo

3. turn on tv, radio, or stereo


notes:  TVs need to be on the right mode or channel to play aux ipod

Radios and Stereos station needs to match the Transmitter

This should help reduce landfill waste! Enjoy anywhere !


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