Operation Ten COW (Summary)

Ten Conscientious Objections to War

“A Peaceful Summary”

by Walton Danforth Stowell II

Submitted to the US ANG June 2008*

1)      Joining the Military

2)      War Profiteering History

3)      Military Industrial Complex

4)      Political Belligerence

5)      Postmodern Quagmire

6)      National Guard Patriotism

7)      Environmental Readiness

8)      Local Community Service

9)      Religious Commandments

10)   Leaving the Military


Common Questions & My Answers

CO Official Application & Letters of Support



* Published with the permission of the Author

** Links will be added as web pages are made for each section

*** Buy the Kindle Book of  Ten Conscientious Objections to War


Before I separated from US military service for reasons of personal conscience, I submitted a paper to the officers of my ANG base in Martinsburg, WV; which I later published as ‘Operation 10 COW’. My 10 conscientious objections to War were:

1. I object to contradictory contracts based on War propaganda.

2. I object to perpetual war profiteering quagmires.

3. I object to political ignorance and belligerence.

4. I object to corporate capitalist greed masked as freedom.

5. I object to modern military domination of civilian militia.

6. I object to War polluting our Environment.

7. I object to War ignoring Freedom and Civil Rights.

8. I object to War interfering with local community service.

9. I object to War in contrast to Ancient Wisdoms which have taught us for thousands of years not to kill other humans, but rather show compassion, and hold the Golden Rule highest.

10. I object to the ‘conflict and loyalty appeal’ of military service, which places slavery to War above the freedom of Peace.



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