Peace Through Eating

Peace Through Gathering, Cooking, and Eating Shared Food

It cannot be denied by anyone (within the realm of reality called common sense), that food is the fastest way to a person’s heart. As Julius Caesar said “An Army is motivated by it’s stomach,” and an army is a microcosm, compared to entire nations and countries. Our emotions and mental stability are integral with our digestive systems, and the joy of food brings people very close to inner peace; even if they do not understand the feeling of satisfaction and it’s connection to peace.

Part of the secret of the system of promoting Peace Through Eating, is the communal aspects of sharing tasks and rewards. Drinking beverages is of course very similar in its own way. The key to inner peace is understanding the need for enjoying the satisfaction from these activities, and the key to world peace is sharing these feelings and practices.

Gathering food has a communal tradition, where bonds of friendship can be formed or issues discussed. This is achieved simultaneously by socializing while harvesting food. This is only the first step, so peace is not always reached during this phase (especially if hungry while gathering).

Next Preparing and/or Cooking the food has many possible levels of communal peace associated with these arts. If there is only one cook, they can achieve levels of inner peace, and their product can help others during the eating phase. If there is more than one cook in the kitchen, there can be conflict, but with the right direction even a Master Chef can be inclusive. If everyone feels they have added to the final product, there is even more mutual peace possible.

Finally Eating the Food is the best part! We need food to survive. It is only natural that this process brings much pleasure. From taste buds and smells, to a full belly, our system is sure tell us if it is pleased. If our system is pleased, it is more likely to send us the proper mentality for all kinds of peace.

* Note:

Of course Sharing deserves an essay of it’s own in accordance with Peace. So to stress the importance of sharing food, I made this video with the help of a few different characters: Freesoul Jah, Steve Porter, Julia Child, The Doors, and Cookie Monster! It was meant to be called “Peace Through Cooking”, until Muppets got ahold of it and it became: “Peace Through Cookie”


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