What do you think of Religious Extremism?

What do you think of Religious Extremism?

From the dawn of History, human civilization has been attacking each other in the name of Religion. Despite many extremists being Pacifists, according to their Religion’s commandments, many more are zealots who think that Holy Wars are justified. I know what I think, but I’d like to have other people give their opinions in a collection here (post below please).


13 Responses to “What do you think of Religious Extremism?”

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  2. Islam, in its modern, degenerate incarnation is the first “religion” to endorse and conduct purely religious wars. All previous wars blamed on religion or excused by religion have had their true basis in socio-economic exchanges.

    As an example – the Crusades used religion as an excuse, but the reasons for the war were population pressures among the nobles in Europe and the desire to control the spice road.

    • Jonolan, Thank you for responding. It could also be argued that modern Islam is also using Religion as an excuse for violent change, if you listen to the Binladin tapes, he voices many Western socio-economic concerns as sinful, just as Bishops made the claim that the muslim way of life was sinful in the middle ages. This is probably due to Religion’s reflection of cultural concerns, as tradition and reaction to its people and neighbors. I know what you mean though, about other political and real reasons used for War – resources, land, property, etc… they often pile up, regardless of which one we see as the “true” or original reason. Sometimes it could be seen as reasons within reasons.

      • For example – To an average Crusader Knight, like many of my ancestors), their quest was considered very Religious, and many probably only needed Religion as their only motivation for the Crusades. To them Religion was not just an excuse either. It was mixed then, just as now however, as it could also be said that Religion is just an excuse for Islamic Terrorists to attack Western Power: political, monetary, and property holds.

      • Drogo,

        I think you place too much credence in piety of those Crusaders, much like many – myself sadly included – place too much credence in devoutness of the Muslims.

        My historical research – yeah, I’ve done some – seem to indicate that the average Crusader, being a younger son unlikely to inherit anything, was more interested in wealth than in serving the Church.

      • It is a good point that many knights were in the Crusades for blood thirsty conquest, but we should not forget that violent tendencies were not clearly separate from the Will of the Church (Clerics). Just as for many Muslims today, and Americans alike, there are often not many financial alternatives than joining a “military” mission. Regardless of semantics, I’m glad to have your intelligent opinion recorded here on the SCOD Blog.

  3. This is a rough subject altogether. I’m recently addicted to the early Catholic church and its derivations/dealings with pagan (and the earliest Christian) cults – reading about the great councils of Eastern Roman empire currently (4th C. stuff . . . post Nicea). As far as war – and Holy Wars in particular – I think a strong case can be made that a great shift occurs when fighting for basic needs mutates into the quest for Power. And when the politics of Power embraces Religion – especially those like the Abrahamic religions of the West (patriarchal, top-down) – the people long to believe in “the cause.” Westerners almost can’t resist it.

  4. I see that we can talk about the latest incarnations of these religions, and how the extreme parts of them tend to get the attention. Yet nothing in the world culture, history etc, has been more celebrated than doing “anything” in the name of faith, god, religion. Hence the atrocities that were (are) done in the name of god, religion, faith, think about it; The Inquisition, Enslavement of jews and blacks were excused by religon, the meat grinder as the before mentioned the Crusades, Kamikaze pilots in WW2, Jim Jones (was belived to be Jesus), Waco, OK city bombings, Ethnic cleansing, (the irony of clergy collaboration with Hitler), the oppression and exculding of women throughout history, all done in the name of some faith… I think religion has run its course and the power it holds over people will be abused forever…because most of these religions call for a return of a prophet that as time goes on doesn’t show up and people become bitter and hate.

    • Great response Tekpa! A well put case for Atheism or Nihilism.

      • But it made me bristle when u said that its a case for Atheism, as my comments make that statement true…I feel like I would love for something to prove me wrong, why does that happen?

      • I don’t know Tekpa, but it could be that I was raised in a Religiously tolerant family. I believe that Spirituality is personal, and therefore individuals should be able to choose their own path (Religion or otherwise). I think the problem of Established Religions is the Power monopolies that the major leaders hold. I prefer Religious communities that do not have demagogues or dictators. I think that tolerant Religious Leaders promote better Democracy (or other forms of “Rule by the People”).

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