Book Reviews for “Harpers Ferry Houses”

These are a collection of book reviews from various people for the book Harpers Ferry Houses, by Walton D. Stowell II.

January 2010 email from a Harpers Ferry neighbor

Loved your book! What I loved the most brought a smile to my face …. things that you said that were completely noncomformist and unexpected and true
“… have weekly sacrificial garbage days. Trash is placed publicly & symbolically outside, to show how many material items have been wasted …”
” … it was difficult to understand how the NPS was really saving the town … other buildings were demolished like the Scottish Castle …”
(BTW i wld have loved to have SEEN that house)
“… colleges are over-priced but depend on expendable under-paid adjunct professors …”
“… if one is hired it’s usually because they have bribed a connection to support another obedient slave to the System …”

I liked your definitions of Self Education, and of Tourism. Your comments are trenchant —

Well, thanks again for sharing the book with me.
And keep on doin what you do!
From reviews:
5.0 out of 5 stars A Historical Memory Lane, January 21, 2009
Kip and Walton Stowell have provided an incredibly extensive collection of photos of Harpers Ferry houses.
In addition to being a historic town, Harpers Ferry is also home to its residents. It remains “home” to many of us who have left. As a former resident, the book took me down memory lane. I am so impressed with Kip’s and
Walton’s foresight to have started this collection of photographs and I am judging that it is a culmination of more than 30 years work. Congratulations and thanks to Kip, Walton, and Nena.
By Pat H. Long
5.0 out of 5 stars Over 300 B&W photos and drawings!, November 24, 2008
Authors Kip and Walton Stowell have spent many years living and designing in the Town of Harpers Ferry at Stowell Galleries. Anyone reading the book is invited to journey into the history, landscape and architecture of Harpers Ferry’s houses. Pass through Colonial, Federal, Victorian, and various Modern periods and styles in order to get a better understanding of the National Treasure that is Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. It is a street by street tour of the Town, complete with a unique Harpers Ferry architectural classification guide. The scope of this book transcends conventional architecture with essays on applied philosophy, a glossary of regional terms, and artistic images not found in other books. Plus, it’s a really cute little book!
By Noel L. Tavano

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