Haitian Artwork

Art and Paintings by Haitian Artists, photos of a private gallery collection:

Bernard Sejourne

(1947 – 1994) 
Bernard Séjourné was born on November 20, 1947 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He was a member of one of Haiti’s elite families. He began studying art formally, after his graduation from high school. He studied at the ‘Academie des Beaux-Arts’ in Port-au-Prince, the Jamaica ‘School of Arts and Crafts’, Kingston, the ‘Art Students League’ of New York and at the American Art School, New York.

Séjourné belonged to the various ‘schools of art’; “abstract realism”, “absolute realism – artistic truth”, and one known as the “School of Beauty”. In his works he attempted to capture beauty, elegance and grace. He has been compared with Renoir and Monet. His themes were women, landscapes and flowers; but much of his work is very expressionist. He began as a sculptor, and switched to painting when he realized how much faster he could work with 1 flat surface. Most of his paintings are large. This heightens the effect of movement which he created by his use of fluid lines. Bernard exhibited his art at many events and expos around the world. Despite the deep maturity of his styles, he would create his work with dynamic speed. His works have always been highly valued by Haitian art collectors. Since his death, he has become highly sought after for collections.

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*  Other Haitian Artists (unknown)




2 Responses to “Haitian Artwork”

  1. Avoid snotty auction companies like Wexlers, and go straight for people that appreciate Haitian and African-American art!!!

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