Deer Deterrents, Wards, and Ambushes

Serious (Non-Lethal) Solutions for Deer Problems

Spray Bottle Deterrents

Scarecrows, statues, garden-gnomes, wind-chimes, and whirly-gigs are fun wards to have around the yard. Try spraying these guardians with Deer Repellent in bottles you can buy at Home Depot and Walmart. Also spray bushes, flowers, grass, and inanimate objects around property boarders.

Sprays may work for a few hours, days, weeks, or months depending on environmental variables such as precipitation, humidity, winds, and the amount and locations used. The cost for bottles is usually between $20-$50, and will last up to one or two years.

Motion-Sensing Automatic Electronic Devices (2 types)

1. Motion-Activated Sprinkler

This is basically a motion-sensing water-hose sprayer. One unit now sells online for $50-$100 for starters. Permanent systems are obviously more expensive than buying individual movable units.

2. Motion-Sensing Ultrasonic Emitter

Test results unknown, if any. Aka silent deer repellers $60-$120. The University of Georgia and Wisconsin tested the car mounted deer whistles, and determined they did not affect deer.


Finally, besides hunting (which has legal and safety issues), ambushing deer may be the best solution. Most deer scare easily when they sense humans are close, however be prepared for a fight. Warning! Adult deer have been filmed attacking hunters, and winning! Therefore wear armor that protects your body, arms, legs, and head.

Like any unwanted, but reasonable sentient life-form, deer need to feel as though their lives are NOT BENEFITED by being even close to your property. They need to have reasons to not want to come near. The reasons deer may not want to come near can have everything to do with you; by ambushing them either passively or aggressively.

Noises or smells may temporarily scare deer away, but may also bother human neighbors. Wards are NOT the best non-lethal way to keep deer away for extended annual periods. Although noise can express your anger, they need to feel like you want to be too close for comfort. The same set of techniques applied to unwanted humans, also apply to other animals. Trespassers are either threatened aggressively, or they are passively dissuaded.

Yen Passive Ambush

The passive way is the only nice way to reward deer who stay away. Become a deer-whisperer or develop your psychic powers, and you do not need to run at them. If you have psychic control over deer, then you do not even need to ambush them. A passive yen approach takes many years to cultivate (even if you are born with the powers), and may be even more difficult to do correctly than the aggressive method.

Trespassers may be overly-welcomed and threatened by unwanted over-intimacy. Have you ever invited a Jehovah’s witness to take a bath with you? Most random visitors will not stick around if they feel you are wanting to become “too close” to them. If a stranger is seeking to become obsessively close to you, and takes you up on your inflated over-involved offers, then subtle psychotic behavior can do the trick to get them to leave and stay away. They will have no evidence that you threatened them or are actually mental, but they will have uncomfortable memories to remind them to stay away.

Yang Aggressive Ambush

Wash all smells and scents off your body and clothes, as Deer can smell natural animal smells (including humans), and artificial (human made) perfumes, colognes, and deodorants. Do not put on any smells except natural organic woodland odors from actual plants or trees. Roll the outside of jackets, long sleeve shirts, and pants on grass, fresh cut grass, hay, straw, or other plants. Again WEAR ARMOR and cover any large areas of exposed skin at least in mud (absorbs smells) or effective camouflage.

You can get together with a few friends, but you must be serious about getting the deer by surprise and not alerting them to your presence at a distance by noises, movements, or smells. Conceal yourself in tree branches, tree-stands, porches, sheds, roofs, or bushes. If there is wind, determine the direction and relocate accordingly. If the deer are coming from the down-wind direction, try an area where the wind will not take your smell to them. An enclosure that blocks your body from all wind is best, but you also need to be within 10 feet of the deer to affectively and intimately scare them by surprise.

When they are within reach, jump out. Defensively wield blunt and non-lethal weapons: stun guns, paintball guns, low-power BB guns, low-power soft-shot slings or slingshots, hardwood staves, nunchaku, clubs, paddles, and whips. Do not attempt this if you have no combat or real-world fighting experience. Training in martial arts, military, or sports is preferred for your safety, and the safety of the deer (that you are NOT seeking to seriously wound).

The objective here is to scare them so bad, they will not want to return. Like accidentally coming upon a snake that does not bite you, but based on instinct and experience you don’t want it to bite you; so you flee from the spot and do not want to return even years later. That is the goal of this risky, but effective low-budget technique.

Reference original subject entry:  Deer Overpopulation


One Response to “Deer Deterrents, Wards, and Ambushes”

  1. In Harpers Ferry the deer come at night. As timid as they are, they aggressively eat all they want from one end of the property to the other, in all directions, from ground level to head height; only select types of bushes and plants are safe. The ground becomes littered with feces. The Ultrasonic Ward actually seems to work, when it has 6 C batteries in it that work; so the evidence shows it has effect when it is used, and they come back as a pause in use begins. – October 2010

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