Stories of Fiction, Fantasy, and Fun!

Short Stories Written In Grade School

By Walton D. Stowell Jr.

Written by Author: Walton D. Stowell Jr.

Edited by: Doctor Drogo F. Empedocles

Sponsored by Author: Noel L. Tavano

Dedicated to Mom: Nena M. Stowell

Published by: Kindle Inc. 2010


Stories of Fiction, Fantasy, and Fun is a collection of 45 short stories written in the 1980’s by a kid, for kids. The Author wrote these stories as a kid, to be read by kids, and read by kids to other kids. Adults may read these stories of course, but those that live in denial of their creativity will be challenged by the contents of this book.

Although mostly fictional, some stories were based on real people, places, and events. Character names have been changed to protect the identity and integrity of all people, thus making each story even more fictional. Warning: those that try to apply reality to these stories may get in trouble and serve Detention!

This collection of tales from the Author’s childhood and early teen years, was written while attending public and private schools in West Virginia and Maryland. Many drawings were drawn for the stories at the same time (unfortunately the Kindle version will not have these). Some of the “mistakes” in spelling or grammar were intentionally left in, especially if they added to the ambiance of the story. Also teacher comments are sometimes included. Don’t worry; if there’s mistakes, they’re supposed to be in here.

Remember; Kids are not slaves!

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Table of Contents:

  1. The Long Awaited Word
  2. The Missing Pickle
  3. The Missing Chuoboko
  4. The Missing Dinosaur
  5. The Missing Armor
  6. Rome, Italy / Romans Vs. Barbarians
  7. I’ve Known Countries
  8. The Creation of Earth
  9. The Final Struggle
  10. Panic On Earth
  11. Crab Island, Playmont
  12. An Incredible Christmas Carol
  13. The Queen Elizabeth II Trip
  14. Doctor Dippie Banned! A Demented Biography
  15. Don’t Call Me a Nerd If I Read This Story
  16. How Elephant Got His Toenails
  17. Tony Turkey: Tall Tale Starters
  18. In The Hands of a Super Hero
  19. The Chinese Doggy Blahs
  20. The Forbidden Closet
  21. All In A Days Work
  22. County Fire Brigade
  23. From America
  24. Jimmy Clouds
  25. My Pet Dragon
  26. Mister Chop
  27. On The Run
  28. The Neckless
  29. Sheryl Holmes & Rennell Watson
  30. Sam Schlap: The Blown Up Bridge
  31. Monstors: The Last Battle
  32. A Super Christmas
  33. The Maze #7
  34. Castle Molofe
  35. Tartiar 01
  36. Tartiar 02
  37. Death Streets
  38. Flight Blaster
  39. Time Capsule
  40. Turmoil In Ramba
  41. Undersea Mayhem
  42. Venture On the Road of Destiny
  43. Attack of the Radio Active Hamsters
  44. Werewolf, Alien, and Crossbow
  45. Zardan

Appendixes: Character Traits; Glossary; Bibliography; Biography


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  1. “Let me worry about success spoiling me.” – The Onion

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