Creative Reuse of Materials

When an item has outlived it’s usefulness as a possession, 3 things may happen to it:

1. Thrown away in garbage pickup, and taken to a landfill, wasted

2. Recycled if it is paper, metal, glass, or plastic

3. Reused by the current owner in another function, or given or sold to a new owner. If the item is damaged, it may be repaired. If the item cannot be used in it’s existing form, it can be salvaged for parts or converted into a new function. Reused; Scrap; Repossession; etc.

It is this third way of dealing with junk, that this post topic will focus on. Salvaging something for parts is an obvious form of Reuse. Another term for breaking an item down into parts, is called “Scrapping”. Besides scrapping for nuts, bolts, screws, and other hardware; let us investigate more creative forms of Reuse.

SCOD invites you to post images and essays on Creative Reuse here. We will start off by showing an example, to encourage future posts. Do not be afraid to show your work, be proud of it as functional or didactic Art!


Bamboo Shelves – SCOD style furniture

Bamboo is a fast growing resource, often cut to maintain it, and keep it from taking over an entire landscape. By binding cut branches, supports are created for any type of furniture wanted. Duct-tape is a strong reinforcer that also also secures itself. Spray-paint is infamous for it’s rapid urban decor ability to express individuality, and is a good way to paint affordable colors on something quickly. Add other scrap pieces where needed, for flat surfaces etc…


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