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US Government Dodges Justice

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The US Government under Obama is ignoring the wrongs of the former political regime, just as our rulers have regarding injustices against American Indian Tribes and African Americans for hundreds of years. In this case it is the crimes of repeating offenses of torture and aggressive war, despite laws against the abuses of power. So soon do we forget our desire to stop Wars that allow the use of “uncivilized” methods; how soon the Geneva Convention and desire to never repeat quagmire wars like Vietnam are forgotten.

SCOD affiliate, Journalist John Perry strikes back against ignorance, again, in his recent video:

John Perry on War Crimes in 2010


Trainor Poems: Flame Daggers

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They burn brightly when close
Their bodies casts shadows and each is eclipsed
Both fail to act and plan to act again tomorrow
Wearing smiles like makeup but not getting too close
To avoid the wrinkles and their rightful focus
Broken promises have become currency
Words now light and meaningless
unless sharpened and used as intimate daggers
Intent to invent reasons to destroy us
Without understanding how deeply connected
Alone they cannot sever the soul tendrils
That will pain them forever

Thoughts spark and memory burns
Cloaked as smoke the past escapes
Returning to the chamber of conception
I try to remember what it was
Replete with emptiness new and old
Yesterday is homeless and emotion is gravity
Folding in on itself like a star
Back to the confinement of cells
Whatever it is I feel it in my arms

– The Trainor

Stories of Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure!

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Stories of Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure

Short Stories Written In Grade School

Rich Full-Color Illustrations

Written & Illustrated by: Walton D. Stowell Jr.

Edited by: Doctor Drogo F. Empedocles

Dedicated to Mom: Nena M. Stowell

Sponsored by: Noel Lana Tavano

Self-Published in 2010

Stories of Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure is a collection of 45 short stories written in the 1980’s by a kid, for kids. The Author wrote these stories as a kid, to be read by kids, and read by kids to other kids. Adults may read these stories of course, but those that live in denial of their creativity will be challenged by the contents of this book.

Although mostly fictional, some stories were based on real people, places, and events. Character names have been changed to protect the identity and integrity of all people, thus making each story even more fictional. Warning: those that try to apply reality to these stories may get in trouble and serve Detention!

This collection of tales and drawings from the Author’s childhood and early teen years, was written while attending public and private schools in West Virginia and Maryland. Many drawings were drawn with the stories, and have been digitally re-mastered here. Some of the “mistakes” in spelling or grammar were intentionally left in, especially if they added to the ambiance of the story. Also teacher comments are sometimes included. Don’t worry; if there’s mistakes, they’re supposed to be in here.

Remember; Kids are not slaves!

136 page Amazon Book $26 (+ shipping = about $30)

Buying it now on Createspace gives more to the author than on Amazon!

Essay On Art

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Although our lives are limited on Earth with the beating of our hearts, at the same time “we have all the time in the World” at this very moment, ironically. All the time in the World, at any given moment, may do us no good in finishing all the projects we set out to do to the best of our ability; yet we must use what we have, and write what we know. Also some satisfaction may be gained from the fact that some of our works will live on after our deaths, for whatever immortal or limited legacies they may be.

I understand the dichotomy of the “good or bad” opinion, and I do personally judge things as such on occasion in order to expedite my personal daily tastes. However, realizing that my tastes change; have changed and will change (to various degrees); i conclude that although art may be subjectively good at any given moment, it may also be bad simultaneously; and neither good nor bad at another moment to someone using another language or logic to analyze the subject material. Also when measuring a thing, the measurement result depends on what measuring system is used, and geometries may give a misleading reading. Even when using Trigonometry to calculate the value of an object, few material objects have the simplicity of a true square or circle (in fact none according to people like Plato, see – archetypes).

In fact the purposes for which we use our compositions, determines more “good or bad” than the experience of their existence alone. A hammer may be deemed “bad” when used for “bad” or unwanted destructive purposes; just as music or art is used for “bad” purposes, bringing harm to others and the listener. The same hammer may also be deemed “good” when used at another time, it builds and helps to improve “good” projects; just as the same music or art that has negative value for some, is used to motivate “good” change or moods in others.
You may say you cannot judge a neutral instrument or functional tool “good or bad”, and it is this argument that I apply Universally to all Arts. Some Art may be more or less useful to a person, than others, but they are neither “good nor bad” in the eyes of Nature. To me this is the true answer to the question why “God” (good) allows “Satan” (bad) to exist. To individual judgment-calls, the bipolar existence allows us to label and segregate choices, but many deeds in the name of “good” are “bad” to others; therefore to a third objective party a holy relic of one nation, that is a cursed object to another, is simply a work of art deemed powerful for destruction or creation by both sides.

I will allow that certain pieces of Art are more or less “bad or good”, for certain people or purposes. Whether those purposes are “good or bad” is even another matter. So while I say your work is good, I use the judgment for a purpose to support the purposes for which the work is made. Some songs may be sad, and therefore attends negative emotions that some do not want to experience, a sad song can be uplifting to others due to underlying uplifting instrumental harmonies or vocals, despite word semantics.

So to recap, Fantasy Art is my favorite art-subject, and as such I consider all Fantasy to be more personally important to me than Still-Life (non-fiction), which to me is either more objectively removed or invasively personal. This is why I am more tolerant with Fantasy, as I would be with friends. I may be alone in my love for certain fictional works, yet in order to not be lonely, I chose to be accepting of other works in order to share a zest for life and mutual interests.

To me, what is considered ‘pure honesty’ is not always more valuable than ‘sugar coated honesty’. Just as a ripe fruit may be sweet, it is no more PURE than an unripe or rotten fruit. ‘Pure honesty’ may also be unripe or rotten, as it may be influenced by negative feelings from something else entirely and unrelated. Truth may be told as honestly with sweetness, as it may be told with sadistic harshness.

Such is the depth of my belief in Yen/Yang relativity (Zen). Friends may take some pleasure in knowing I tend to side on the “good” side of Art as Inspiration, with less emphasis on any critique that is ‘worthless’ to my productive sensibilities. In my Wiccan faith this is the balance between God and Goddess, and how it affects us in Nature (Existence).

– Drogo

Buck Flowens Interview

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1.Why did you start making music as “Buck Flowens”?:

I’ve always loved hiphop…and rapping and really wanted to put out an album of strictly that. The name Buck Flowens is a play on an old country singer named Buck Owens….he hosted Hee Haw. But in this way, it means the Flowings into the MIC are gonna be Buck…wild, gritty and raw.

2. Give some advice for anyone wanting to do what you have done:

Basically nowadays if you have a passion for music and a computer you can make the music that you want. I’ve been experimenting with it for quite some time now so I know how to get the sound that I want. It’s just trial and error…let your soul be the divining rod

3. How do you view “Order” vs “Chaos” in what you do?

I think all the random flowing of the mind can be pretty chaotic…but the feeling that’s underneath brings the order into it and turns those feelings and ideas into something cohesive. Once I pick up that pen and that pad…or sit down with the guitar…all that chaos that would normally just float away forgotten, gets turned into something more permanent.

4. What is your opinion of “Cooperative Communities”?

I love cooperative communities. I grew up in a small town with a real sense of community and a lot of the citizens consider each other an extended family. The world is developing so quickly now that this is kind of a rarity. It’s definitely smart and healthier to take it back to your locality…Eating fresh farmed food and supporting your neighbors.

5. How important is “Organic” design in your life, as opposed to factory produced mechanical design? For example in the food you eat, buildings you live in, work you do, music, etc…

Organic design is very important to me….I get a lot of inspiration from nature and the way it twists and turns. I like organic food too, all natural with no pesticides and all that jazz…But I’m also a fan of manmade factory produced products..Not the food so much though. I’ve always thought that Humanity was just another animal and all the things we produce are just an offsping of nature itself.

6. Do you have any plans for future musical “Development”?

I’m always working on music and do indeed have another album coming out in the late spring/early summer. It’s a collaborative effort with a new title but that’s a secret at the moment. But this one is going to be higher fidelity….Warm weather music to bump in your canoe

The Truth About Modern Tea Parties

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The truth about modern ‘tea parties’, as with the original historic ‘Boston Tea Party’, is that they are not a single political party. Political ‘tea parties’ are events and projects in reaction to the control of existing political parties. A ‘tea party’ is an act of rebellion, with anti-establishment attitudes towards taxes (not to be confused with traditional tea parties, where you sit down and have tea while socializing).

The ‘modern tea party movement’ was started during President Bush Jr.’s second term. From 2005-2008 rallies and protests were held around the Country out of frustration with unwanted wars, and increasing taxation without representation. Even more people (like myself) became aware of and joined the movement online, using Youtube as a platform for communication and expressive documentation through video, audio, and text collaborations.

SCOD’s involvement with the founding of the Modern Tea Party Movement (MTPM) came by being a member of TPA (True Patriot Action), and TPA collaboration videos that often used grassroots music. Other TPA activists that SCOD worked with during the early years of the MTPM were FreesoulJAH, Witzkeyman, Conkling, Citizenkong, Leafdude, Firemynx, Amandadevik, Coffeedude, Methadone4life, Anarchyclayman, and many other Youtube users. TPA search tags should confirm this article to anyone unfamiliar with the true origins of the MTPM.

I believe that CNN and major commercial news networks missed the underground origins, because they were not following our grassroots (non-commercial, non-corporate) activities. Now (in 2010) big media is only reporting the current Tea Party news, as the movement has grown and evolved. I believe the change in the movement lumping it more into the Republican camp, is due to the fact that many independents involved were Ron Paul supporters and a Democrat is president now. Ron Paul was a Republican before running for President, although the core of his beliefs, as shared by many followers, is free-market anarchy (anti-government). Combine that with a semi-black-liberal Democrat President and you have a ton of disaffected Republicans, replacing many of the independent and green liberals (like SCOD) who were pissed at Bush.

So let us be clear about the origins of the MTPM; we were protesting a Republican President who we wanted IMPEACHED, and we were sick of not being represented in Congress (with the exception of Kucinich, Keeney, and Wexler). Clearly the resentment against our corrupt government run by big Pharma and the Military Industrial Complex, is extended to both the Republicans and Democrats. Resentment of Big Government, and the ‘taxation (often) without representation’ that runs it, is obviously keeping the MTPM alive and well, and perhaps growing and maturing it (according to the press).

Conkling (Musician Ralph Buckley)

Ron Paul’s Tea Party 2007 video (Conkling)

2007 Ron Paul Tea Party member (joined November 08, 2007)

SCOD: “Sabotage Ministry” NWO TPA ReMix


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The musician known as FreesoulJAH is a spirit dedicated to peace, love, and freedom. Although his desires for humanity are harmonious, sometimes he uses subtle discord in a melody. It is clear that FSJ believes there is “more Light than Darkness”, but as a realist he is unashamed to communicate with the “darker side” of life.

Building upon Hippy and Rastafarian language, he is a free poet and a philosopher of Earth-based ethics. Transcending negative stereotypes, it is clear that he enjoys challenging the status-quo through alternative means. His songs reach between experimental folk and acid-rock, with an open hand of friendship.

FreesoulJAH is an artist that loves life, and shares with others. He is accepting of others, and has participated in creative community projects with other artists. FSJ is an example that we can express “free love, truth, wisdom, peace and justice” through music.