Doctor Metropolis

The musician known as Doctor Metropolis combines science-fiction with various musical genres, including gothic rock. He samples interesting multi-media clips, and records his own vocals, mixing them with different styles of music. Doctor Metropolis is a Neo-Urban leader in post-modern philosophy, and a loner that actually does play well with others (ironic).

The music of Doctor Metropolis encourages questioning authority, discovering inner secrets, exposing state secrets, and exploring the endless themes of civilization. The Doctor does not confine himself to human endeavors, as he is unafraid of paranormal and supernatural phenomena.

The mood of his music is purposefully dark, and mockingly sinister. Often ironic overtones are used within the Matrix; including anti-music and un-beats. He is the answer to the great question often asked of a Time Lord: “Doctor who?”; answered: “Doctor Metropolis”.

Doctor Metropolis Videos


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