Buck Flowens Interview

1.Why did you start making music as “Buck Flowens”?:

I’ve always loved hiphop…and rapping and really wanted to put out an album of strictly that. The name Buck Flowens is a play on an old country singer named Buck Owens….he hosted Hee Haw. But in this way, it means the Flowings into the MIC are gonna be Buck…wild, gritty and raw.

2. Give some advice for anyone wanting to do what you have done:

Basically nowadays if you have a passion for music and a computer you can make the music that you want. I’ve been experimenting with it for quite some time now so I know how to get the sound that I want. It’s just trial and error…let your soul be the divining rod

3. How do you view “Order” vs “Chaos” in what you do?

I think all the random flowing of the mind can be pretty chaotic…but the feeling that’s underneath brings the order into it and turns those feelings and ideas into something cohesive. Once I pick up that pen and that pad…or sit down with the guitar…all that chaos that would normally just float away forgotten, gets turned into something more permanent.

4. What is your opinion of “Cooperative Communities”?

I love cooperative communities. I grew up in a small town with a real sense of community and a lot of the citizens consider each other an extended family. The world is developing so quickly now that this is kind of a rarity. It’s definitely smart and healthier to take it back to your locality…Eating fresh farmed food and supporting your neighbors.

5. How important is “Organic” design in your life, as opposed to factory produced mechanical design? For example in the food you eat, buildings you live in, work you do, music, etc…

Organic design is very important to me….I get a lot of inspiration from nature and the way it twists and turns. I like organic food too, all natural with no pesticides and all that jazz…But I’m also a fan of manmade factory produced products..Not the food so much though. I’ve always thought that Humanity was just another animal and all the things we produce are just an offsping of nature itself.

6. Do you have any plans for future musical “Development”?

I’m always working on music and do indeed have another album coming out in the late spring/early summer. It’s a collaborative effort with a new title but that’s a secret at the moment. But this one is going to be higher fidelity….Warm weather music to bump in your canoe


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