Essay On Art

Although our lives are limited on Earth with the beating of our hearts, at the same time “we have all the time in the World” at this very moment, ironically. All the time in the World, at any given moment, may do us no good in finishing all the projects we set out to do to the best of our ability; yet we must use what we have, and write what we know. Also some satisfaction may be gained from the fact that some of our works will live on after our deaths, for whatever immortal or limited legacies they may be.

I understand the dichotomy of the “good or bad” opinion, and I do personally judge things as such on occasion in order to expedite my personal daily tastes. However, realizing that my tastes change; have changed and will change (to various degrees); i conclude that although art may be subjectively good at any given moment, it may also be bad simultaneously; and neither good nor bad at another moment to someone using another language or logic to analyze the subject material. Also when measuring a thing, the measurement result depends on what measuring system is used, and geometries may give a misleading reading. Even when using Trigonometry to calculate the value of an object, few material objects have the simplicity of a true square or circle (in fact none according to people like Plato, see – archetypes).

In fact the purposes for which we use our compositions, determines more “good or bad” than the experience of their existence alone. A hammer may be deemed “bad” when used for “bad” or unwanted destructive purposes; just as music or art is used for “bad” purposes, bringing harm to others and the listener. The same hammer may also be deemed “good” when used at another time, it builds and helps to improve “good” projects; just as the same music or art that has negative value for some, is used to motivate “good” change or moods in others.
You may say you cannot judge a neutral instrument or functional tool “good or bad”, and it is this argument that I apply Universally to all Arts. Some Art may be more or less useful to a person, than others, but they are neither “good nor bad” in the eyes of Nature. To me this is the true answer to the question why “God” (good) allows “Satan” (bad) to exist. To individual judgment-calls, the bipolar existence allows us to label and segregate choices, but many deeds in the name of “good” are “bad” to others; therefore to a third objective party a holy relic of one nation, that is a cursed object to another, is simply a work of art deemed powerful for destruction or creation by both sides.

I will allow that certain pieces of Art are more or less “bad or good”, for certain people or purposes. Whether those purposes are “good or bad” is even another matter. So while I say your work is good, I use the judgment for a purpose to support the purposes for which the work is made. Some songs may be sad, and therefore attends negative emotions that some do not want to experience, a sad song can be uplifting to others due to underlying uplifting instrumental harmonies or vocals, despite word semantics.

So to recap, Fantasy Art is my favorite art-subject, and as such I consider all Fantasy to be more personally important to me than Still-Life (non-fiction), which to me is either more objectively removed or invasively personal. This is why I am more tolerant with Fantasy, as I would be with friends. I may be alone in my love for certain fictional works, yet in order to not be lonely, I chose to be accepting of other works in order to share a zest for life and mutual interests.

To me, what is considered ‘pure honesty’ is not always more valuable than ‘sugar coated honesty’. Just as a ripe fruit may be sweet, it is no more PURE than an unripe or rotten fruit. ‘Pure honesty’ may also be unripe or rotten, as it may be influenced by negative feelings from something else entirely and unrelated. Truth may be told as honestly with sweetness, as it may be told with sadistic harshness.

Such is the depth of my belief in Yen/Yang relativity (Zen). Friends may take some pleasure in knowing I tend to side on the “good” side of Art as Inspiration, with less emphasis on any critique that is ‘worthless’ to my productive sensibilities. In my Wiccan faith this is the balance between God and Goddess, and how it affects us in Nature (Existence).

– Drogo


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