Suburban Sprawl: The Cookie-Cutter Row Housing Epidemic

Suburban Sprawl: The Cookie-Cutter Row Housing Epidemic

Five types of urban row housing have spread like a plague into the countryside, thus turning pastoral farmland into suburbs and slums.

1. Townhouses – all houses literally jammed up against eachother

2. Tract Housing – all houses almost jammed up against eachother

3. Duplexes – 2 houses jammed up against eachother in pairs

4. Condos – Apartment Complexes

5. McMansions – huge gaudy mansions crowded on a small lot of land

The selling factor for these crap homes is AFFORDABILITY.

It is cheap for the builders to develop an entire farm field.

It is cheap for new home buyers to buy them, relative to real homes.

Through increased taxes, the county can then begin improving infrastructure.

That is where the benefits end.

Here are the negative effects of SHITTY DEVELOPMENTS:

1. Destruction of farmland

2. Destruction of wild habitats for animals

3. Transforming all rural land into suburban sprawl, which leads to urban slums

4. Overpopulation pollutes all the natural resources over time

5. The infrastructure is always playing “catch-up” to the overpopulation demands

6. Historic Landmarks are destroyed or crowded around destroying their landscape

7. Deer overpopulate due to lack of natural predators and hunting grounds, therefore most are free to eat and poop in yards, spreading Lyme disease; and then wandering and jumping across roads adding to automobile accidents.

8. Aquifers run dry due to increasingly high demands for tap water

9. Traffic jams on an urban scale

10. With the rate of growth all these problems and more become exponential

The problems with the actual crappy card-board homes are numerous as well:

1. Standard Housing, can easily be substandard with hasty construction

2. Poor planning even by Urban Standards

3. Urban Standards are applied to a Rural Setting

4. Materials are often sub-par

5. Labor is often sub-par

6. Continual Fixes after completion will be expensive

7. Urban population density creates social problems endemic to a city

8. County government will raise utilities and taxes to meet the new demands

9. The housing is “cheap”, but still over-priced based on bubble-economics

10. Architectural quality and pride in craftsmanship is dead

(full list still being compiled)

Conclusion: Frank Lloyd Wright knew it was better to build a few separate Apartment Towers, with gardens and farmland between them, than to over-crowd our beautiful landscape with stuffy, unimaginative shit boxes.


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