Sports Teams Suck!

I loved playing sports when I was younger, but as an adult I don’t give a frack. Also I don’t care who fricked Tiger Woods.

I find childrens’ stories more entertaining, and imagination. If you like watching sports, fine, but I don’t need to hear about that shat in the news.

Sport teams are like different colors to me, but mean less. Unless I am on the team, know someone on the team, or I have some direct or local connection; I do not care what team wins what sport. One exception in the future might be if all Wars were replaced entirely by sports (while keeping the sports death tolls the same or less).

Part of it is I have lost my interest in being a competitive prick, and would rather work as a human, with humans of all skill levels (yes even special people like me). The other part is I am just not as interested in sports in general. As a hiker, a martial-artist, and someone that played soccer and biked for most of their youth; I am far more interested in doing physical activity to stay healthy, and better myself in my own ways, and in my own time. For people that are not self-motivated, perhaps they need sports to keep them interested in exercise. I do not, since I prefer to exercise indoors, or outdoors, on my own.

– Drogo


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