Murder He Wrote Part 1.1

The Mischievous Murder

Bonner English 1987

Walton Stowell

~ It was dark as slate, that night. Which is not really all that dark, but still it was dark. By “it” I mean the old school that was once a church. The school was indeed dark, but it was also lonely. The building was lonely, except for one person inside, standing in the corner of the hall. Ok, they were both mutually lonely, the building and the boy. His cold lips were blue and parted. Blood slowly trickled down his forehead, from a bloody axe hanging from his head. Silent, as a cold breeze ran through the school. ~

“I didn’t do it!” Bratt yelled as the table fell over.

Mrs. Yonder came by and put the table upright. “Bratt, I’ve had it with you… EXCUSE Me!!!” Mrs. Yonder shouted as the class quieted down. “First, cramming my chair into my coffee mug, and now this?!”

From here on, I had an idea that things were going to get really WEIRD.

“But…..How could I have fit your chair into …” Bratt started.

“Even I’m stumped on this one, Bratt!” Mrs. Yonder replied.

Pavlov rolled some percentile dice on his 3,000 page book. “Snake eyes!”

The class headed for English, after Bratt received two checks. When we entered the English room, the teacher asked us if we had seen her plan book, and everyone said no. While we were doing our work, Pat’s chair flew across the room. His chair literally slipped from under him, and broke through the window. The girls screamed. After a half-hour everyone calmed down. After English class was over and Bratt finished making weak jokes, we all headed for the Assembly Hall.

Our class was questioned by the Bonner Principal, Mr. Echo, about missing rulers and papers, and a number of bizarre happenings. No one answered. He just shook his head.

At recess the next day, lots of kids were forming detective clubs. Some of them included names like The Donna Detectives, TCS Investigators, The Missing Stuff Busters, and The Joe Mob. We had recess at Barker Park, a most beautiful setting.

When we got back from recess, instead of eating lunch, all the kid inspecting clubs went in search of clues for all the missing things. They did not want to be blamed for all the missing objects, which would lead to harsh penalties. The TCS Agency and 5 other clubs checked the Assembly Hall. Several other clubs checked the English room. The Missing Stuff Busters checked the Science room. A few others investigated the Social Studies room. The Underhill Associates checked the Spanish room.

I was with the Underhill Associates, along with Bratt, Carla, Mac, and the peppy young Bushy Bright-Eyes. Bratt started to retell the story he wrote of Carla’s brain landing on Mr. Echo’s car. When Carla hit him, Bratt hit his head on the radiator, knocking he and the radiator to the floor. Bratt appeared to be unconscious.

While Carla slapped Bratt, to make him wake up, Bushy Bright-eyes peered into the hole in the wall where the radiator had been. As his bright eyes peeped into the void, a dull dusty object caught his inquisitive attention. “Ewe! I see something, I see something!”

“That’s an axe!” Mac said, reaching in and taking the dusty hatchet. We decided to take the suspicious item to Mr. Echo, but the door had sealed itself against the wall! John tugged on the door, but it was stuck. The axe flew out of Mac’s hand and stuck in the wall above my head!! We had to smash our way through the door, out of the Spanish room with a skateboard! The walls of the school began to move, and we became dizzy.

Carla, Lea, Laurel, and Donna began a chorus of screaming in the Science room. Underhill Associates made their way, wearily, to the Science room. We picked our way through the skewed chairs. Mr. Echo and the Missing Stuff Busters stood in awe of the 10 foot frog that sat beside them on the broken science table. The frog began trying to leap up, hitting the ceiling, but the leader of the Missing Stuff Busters, Alan, grabbed the frog’s leg and yelled “For science!” Alan and the frog disappeared through the ceiling. Then everything blurred up, and I blacked out.

~ to be continued… in 1.2


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