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SCOD Theory Theme Conclusions

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SCOD Theory Theme Conclusions

(1) Environmentalism

Ignorance of ecology, dominant bubbles of corporate profit, and popular acceptance of consumer waste all have contributed to an apathy which blocks SCOD development. Even with the 2010 BP Oil Spill environmentalists face a stubborn wall of massive opposition.

(2) Philosophy & Psychology

Philosophy and psychology are both underfunded in our Capitalist society. Communes are difficult to start and maintain due to the tendency for them to be islands in an ocean of currency commuters. Despite haters we continue to value and practice rational thought.

(3) Aesthetics & Linguistics

The War on Terrorism has made us more xenophobic than when SCOD started in the 1990’s. Americans are considered gay when they speak more than one language, and gay is still a popular homophobic insult. Despite this problem, we continue to study languages, travel regularly, and even expand linguistic expression through graffiti on our own property. Travel and styles have been limited however.

(4) History & Politics

Under the reign of Bush II, our Empire cracked down on liberal protestors continuously approaching the level of Nazi Germany. Free thinkers and politicians who did not wear a flag pin were called Unpatriotic, and anyone questioning authority were one step away from being reported by Republicans as a terrorist. This 8 year atmosphere was not conducive for SCOD development. Despite this, we have published our works and spoke out on the internet using code names.

(5) Spirituality

New Age spirituality has been hated by critics for many of the same reasons that the Hippy movement was disliked, and is still popularly disrespected. Despite closed-minded haters, New Age combines the best aspects of happy hippies and pagan fantasy, which to me is sublime. To judgmental assholes it is false and flakey, many of which are hypocritical nihilists.



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RAMBO in Burma was better than expected.

Forging the new blade was reminiscent of Conan.

Stallone did everything for that movie,

rewriting and directing it too.

It is supposed to be toned down in some ways

from the horror reality of the Civil War there;

the rape, pillaging, sacking, and slaughters;

while still being a Rambo film (he survives).

I loved the very end, it helped close

his overseas tours after all these years.

Rambo did great bringing himself full circle.

Its what Conan 3 needs to be,

they did it in 4 films though.

Also they left room for Rambo V,

Using the Mexican concept they had, but

that was not used this time.

If they do Rambo V in Mexico,

It will be different, more like a Western,

As Stallone said.

Oil Spill in the Gulf Music Videos

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Obama “Who’s Ass To Kick”

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President Barack Obama 2010

2010 Gulf Coast Response Video

SCOD 2010

Gulf Spill

Remix 1

SCOD 2010

Oil Spill

Remix 2








Who’s ass should we kick?  BP for a start, then subsidize green energy more, and kick fossil fuels the way of the dinosaurs! Let’s get a move on. Kick anyone’s ass that stands in the way of real environmental progress.

James Carville

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Political commentator James Carville is another hero fighting for the preservation of the Gulf Coast against the BP Oil Spill. The ‘Ragin’ Cajun’ is mad as hell, and he is not going to take it anymore. Here are some of my favorite videos of James tearin’ it up.

James Carville on ABC 2010

James Carville on CNN 2010

James Carville & Anderson Cooper on the Beach

Drogo Quotes II

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I try to think to myself, “How can I make things better?”

Regarding communication, society, and friendship; i am most grateful to know others that are grateful, and I love giving to those who give. Trust of reciprocation is a treasure earned.


The more a warrior knows War, Death, and Violence; the more that warrior should seek Peace, if there is any compassion or empathy for humanity within them.


Ringo of the Beatles said it was all about the music for him; but for me when i play any type of art with others it is about the emotional passion (like love) and self expression, and with friends it is more about my connection with them than what notes anyone hits.


There must be a conscious effort to change our dependence on an addiction, if it is not taken away.


Sometimes one can become so used to physically fighting, sometimes one forgets that other people do not do it at all.  Sometimes I forget, and it is very hard to explain to people that are scared or abhor violence of any kind, that not all strikes are meant to kill or even to maim.


“A Favor for a Favor”
“Appearance of Reality”
“Leave no turn unstoned.”
“All Things In Moderation”
“All Things Are Relative”
“All Things are merely are re-mingling of things past”
Its going to be safer, after this dangerous part.


Service: people dont care how much we know, until we show them how much we care.


Here are 2 interviews I did that will help explain my positions and opinions regarding art.




Redefining and Rewording some terms for modern personal use: ‘Finding The One’ = ‘Realizing what kinds of human interaction i like, and finding at least one person to do some of those with’; ‘Slut’ = ‘Seeker’ (one open to or wanting sexuality, sensuality, or at least affection with certain people); ‘Stuck-up Prude’ = ‘Guard’ (not wanting sexuality or even affection from certain people, not wanting to give affection); ‘Good’ = changes from impossible critical standards to human local organic standards….

Billy Nungesser

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There are not many Republicans who fight against pollution, but here is one that is now a hero of mine. Billy Nungesser is a no-holds-barred fighter for the environment of his community in Louisiana. He is an innovative self-made business man that has stood up against BP, the US Coast Guard, and the US Federal Government in order to defend his area against the Gulf Coast Oil Spill.

Plaquemines Parish Video

BP & Coast Guard Admiral Should Resign!

Message to Obama