Environmental Slogans

Tired of only hearing one-sided political slogans against our Natural World Environments? Well then please help to spread good environmental slogans to counter oppositional propaganda that has dominated the scene for generations. There will always be propaganda, so take your pick what you want popular propaganda to support!?!

Switch to fuels that can be produced from rapidly renewable or constantly renewed resources. Let’s get alternative energy, from the natural sources.  Build the alternative systems into the mainstream by mass marketing, and they will consume. It must become more than trendy, it must become as sexy, fun, and patriotic as joining the military during World War II.

Some of these green slogans are in response to existing ignorant slogans like “Drill Baby, Drill”, but please add new ones to tip the scales!

“Listen to Your Mom!” – Geothermal Power

“Your Mom is Hot!” – Geothermal Power

“Chill Out, you dig?” – Earth Tubes

“Be Down With Cool!” – Earth Tubes

“Blow Baby, Blow!” – Wind Power

“Get Blown!” – Wind Power

“Get Wet!” – Hydro Power

“Wave Goodbye to Oil & Coal!” – Hydro Power

“Sex it up with Solar!” – Solar Power

“Solar, it’s sexy hot!” – Solar Power

“Juice it up!” – Bio-Diesel Fuel

“Reuse it or lose it, baby!” – Reusing Materials

“Stop Pumping Your Mom!” – Anti-Oil

“Stop Mining Your Mom!” – Anti-Coal

“Dude, your mom is pissed!” – Anti-Pollution

(add more below)


One Response to “Environmental Slogans”

  1. Your take on environmental slogans are very funny, while poignant! “Chill out, you dig” is my favorite. I’ll be sure to share these ideas with my readers, do you mind if I drop a link to my environment slogans: Slogans On Environment Protection

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