RAMBO in Burma was better than expected.

Forging the new blade was reminiscent of Conan.

Stallone did everything for that movie,

rewriting and directing it too.

It is supposed to be toned down in some ways

from the horror reality of the Civil War there;

the rape, pillaging, sacking, and slaughters;

while still being a Rambo film (he survives).

I loved the very end, it helped close

his overseas tours after all these years.

Rambo did great bringing himself full circle.

Its what Conan 3 needs to be,

they did it in 4 films though.

Also they left room for Rambo V,

Using the Mexican concept they had, but

that was not used this time.

If they do Rambo V in Mexico,

It will be different, more like a Western,

As Stallone said.


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