SCOD Theory Theme Conclusions

SCOD Theory Theme Conclusions

(1) Environmentalism

Ignorance of ecology, dominant bubbles of corporate profit, and popular acceptance of consumer waste all have contributed to an apathy which blocks SCOD development. Even with the 2010 BP Oil Spill environmentalists face a stubborn wall of massive opposition.

(2) Philosophy & Psychology

Philosophy and psychology are both underfunded in our Capitalist society. Communes are difficult to start and maintain due to the tendency for them to be islands in an ocean of currency commuters. Despite haters we continue to value and practice rational thought.

(3) Aesthetics & Linguistics

The War on Terrorism has made us more xenophobic than when SCOD started in the 1990’s. Americans are considered gay when they speak more than one language, and gay is still a popular homophobic insult. Despite this problem, we continue to study languages, travel regularly, and even expand linguistic expression through graffiti on our own property. Travel and styles have been limited however.

(4) History & Politics

Our American Empire has cracked down on liberal protesters continuously reducing our ability to afford to live free. Free thinkers and politicians who did not wear a flag pin were called unpatriotic, and anyone questioning authority were one step away from being reported by Republicans as terrorists. This 8 year atmosphere was not conducive for SCOD development. Despite this, we have published our works and spoke out on the internet using code names. We now have 2 SCOD Constitutions written as a productive of historical and political education.

(5) Spirituality

New Age spirituality has been hated by critics for many of the same reasons that the Hippy movement was disliked, and is still popularly disrespected. Despite closed-minded haters, New Age combines the best aspects of happy hippies and pagan fantasy, which to me is sublime. To judgmental assholes it is false and flakey, many of which are hypocritical nihilists.


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