Most Annoying Fictional Characters EVER

Most Annoying Fictional Characters EVER

From Stories, Books, Comics, TV, and Films:

1. Jarjar Binks  (Star Wars Phantom Menace)

2. Urkel, Steve  (from Family Matters)

3. Barney  (the Purple Dinosaur)

4. Brainy Smurf  (from The Smurfs)

5. Woody Woodpecker (cartoon)

6. The Three Stooges

7. Sponge Bob (cartoon)

8. Anakin Skywalker (kid & teen from Star Wars)

9. Mr. Annoying (SNL)

10. Daleks  (Doctor Who)

* Annoying is often intentional and part of why many people like these characters


One Response to “Most Annoying Fictional Characters EVER”

  1. You forgot Scrappy-Doo!

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