Omens of 9/11

Omens of 911

A list of Events, Warnings and Coincidences for people who say, “We never dreamed something like this could happen”; despite all the times we were shown false-flag terrorism could happen, both in fact and in fiction.

1933 – Feb 27, German Parliament’s Reichstag Building was burned in a ‘false flag’ operation by the Nazi Party, that blamed Communists.

1941Sept 11, Pentagon construction begins (date coincidence)

1944 – Japanese use planes for suicide attacks to hit large enemy constructs

1954 – Operation Suzannah (Lavon Affair) conspiracy by Mossad to bomb US installations in Egypt, and then blame Arabs for it, thus harming US-Egypt relations

1962 – US Military drafted ‘Operation Northwoods’; secret plans to kill US citizens, commit acts of terrorism in US cities, hijack airplanes, plant evidence, etc. and blame it on Cubans to create public fear and anger, in support of War with Cuba.

1962 – May 22, Airplane Continental Flight 11 (Boeing 707) becomes the first known commercial airliner to be sabotaged when a bomb explodes onboard.

1962-1970 – US Military secretly tests WMD’s, LSD, and other weapons on over 5,800 soldiers; Kennedy assassinations; Vietnam War was started by ‘false flag’ Gulf of Tonkin event; 4 Propane Blasts in an ‘Industrial Accident’ hit the World Trade Center

1972 – Nixon CIA Watergate Scandal (covert political conspiracy at the highest level)

1973Sept 11, Chilean Military coup d’état under General Pinochet, backed by the CIA, to overthrow President Allende

1974 – Attempted hijacking plot of Samuel Byck, to crash a commercial plane into the Nixon White House

1975 – Feb & May Suspicious fires inside the World Trade Center

1976 – George Bush Sr. becomes director of the CIA; James Bath & George Bush Jr. start an aircraft brokerage firm with Saudi relations to Osama Bin Laden

1977 – $50,000 was funded from Osama Bin Laden’s brother to Bush & Bath for their start-up company

1978 – Movie “The Medusa Touch”, jumbo jet crashes into a sky-scraper building

1980 – Reagan & Bush Sr. take office; Iran-Contra conspiracies; Rumsfeld arms Iraq; Reagan as a former Hollywood actor, admitted that movies continued to influence his political perspective even while in office (nuclear films affected nuclear policies, Star Wars, etc); Osama Bin Laden was funded by the CIA to fight Russians in Afghanistan

1981 – John Carpenter’s Film “Escape from NY”; a terrorist hijacks Air Force One, and crashes it into a NY building near the Twin Towers

1981 – March 30, Bush-Reagan assassination attempt where Reagan is shot by Republican Oil-Man John Hinckley

1987 – Dec 7, Airplane suicide hijacking on Flight 1771

1988 – US Air Force reveals that the F-117A Stealth Fighter had been fully operational since 1983; Movie “Die Hard” depicts office building blown up by terrorists based on 1979 novel “Nothing Lasts Forever”

1989 – Dick Cheney becomes US Secretary of Defense under Bush Sr.

1990 – 5 of the 911 hijackers receive training at secure US Military bases; Movie “Die Hard 2” depicts terrorists hijacking a commercial airliner

1990Sept 11, President Bush Sr. presents “New World Order” speech to Congress concerning the Persian Gulf Crisis, and Federal Budget Deficit; WWII Operation Gladio anti-communist conspiracy was revealed after 45 years of secrecy.

1991 – NY Port Authority warns that the WTC is a terrorist target; Securacom is aware

1993 – US Military Advisor warns that Pentagon & White House were vulnerable to hijacked aircraft attack; NY warned by FBI of Middle-Eastern terrorist office building bomb; WTC is bombed by Islamic Terrorists; FBI knew about it but did not stop it

1994 – CIA warned that terrorists could attack us here using airplanes as weapons; Islamic terrorist group hijacks Air France commercial airliner with plans to crash it into the Eiffel Tower; in novel “Storming Heaven” by Dale Brown, terrorists use large commercial airplane to drop bombs on major US Airports and Washington DC.

1994Sept 12, stolen Cessna airplane crashes on the steps of the White House; pilot Corder killed

1995 – Dick Cheney becomes CEO of Halliburton; FBI warns CIA about multiple US Islamic terrorist targets including Pentagon & WTC; trading card game “Illuminati: NWO” depicts terrorist explosions at the Pentagon, and smoke rising from the Twin Towers; movie “Die Hard 3” about terrorists in New York City

1996 – Attorney General Janet Reno called off FBI plan to capture Bin Laden; Former CIA Director Colby goes missing after being contacted by Kay Griggs about top secret immoral NATO psychological operations

1997 – Tom Clancy’s novels “Debt of Honor” & “Executive Orders” depict terrorists hijacking a plane and suicide bombing it into the Capital to kill Congress; FEMA’s “Emergency Response to Terrorism” has an image of WTC in cross-hairs; book “Grand Chessboard” by a former US National Security Advisor agrees with Cheney that the public must perceive a massive eminent threat, in order to be controlled; President Ford admits to altering the JFK Assassination Report

1997 – Sept 11, Security Firm Stratesec Inc. goes public, Marvin Bush as board member contracted with the WTC and US Airports

1998 – CIA had info Islamic Terrorists planned to fly “explosive laden aircraft” into the NY and DC targets; National Security Council Member and later 9/11 Commission Executive Director, Philip Zelikow, co-authors a book on WTC terrorism with parallels to Pearl Harbor; PNAC members pressure Clinton to attack Iraq; Unocal tells Congress that they should stabilize Afghanistan so a gas pipeline can be built; US launches missile attacks against Osama Bin Laden for planning 2 African Embassy bombings; Political Science Major, Suzanne Jovin, was murdered because of her Thesis on Osama Bin Laden (her Professor was US Intelligence Officer James Van de Velde)

1998 – Sept 11, Kenneth Starr sends Congress 11 impeachable offenses by Clinton

1999 – Federal Report warned the Executive Branch that Osama Bin Laden planned for terrorists to hijack airliners and suicide dive bomb into the Pentagon and other Government Buildings; National Security Advisor Rice was given the report.

2009 – PBS Nova Doc ‘Spy Factory’ – “NSA was monitoring Bin Laden before 9/11” but for some reason the official 9/11 report did not investigate that lead…. another odd finding, this NOVA doc was funded by Koch & Exxon. Why would they want full disclosure about their global operations related to our government? It is not a ‘conspiracy theory’, it is a fact that our secret agencies knew more than we were told, and are being told. You can plainly see Exxon and Koch in the sponsor credits. The theme of that NOVA doc was to say the only reason they did not stop the attack was because the agencies were not communicating at any level, and never once does it mention that those agencies are paid billions to lie to the public.

Never again can we say, “We failed to see it coming.”


One Response to “Omens of 9/11”

  1. mike russo Says:

    1995 news report quoted terrorist leader saying he knew how to take down the twin towers… useing 2 fully fueled hijacked jet airliners.

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