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Ghostbusters 3

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Dark Crystal 2

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Drogo’s Opinion of 9/11

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I am a supporting member of AE911Truth (Architects & Engineers).

I believe that 9/11 was an inside job. To what extent? I do not know.

I am not sure which Government officials helped plan it, if any. I suspect Rumsfeld, Bush, and of course Cheney. I think more officials were involved in allowing it to happen, due to obedience and complacency due to executive orders and administration policy.

I cannot believe that our entire defense system failed to stop planes that were clearly hijacked. I cannot believe that the Military, the FBI, and the CIA let the Towers and the Pentagon get hit using the highest levels of modern technology, and after there had been numerous warnings that Islamic Terrorists were going to try to do it years before.

In fact, the architects and engineers had designed the towers to withstand jumbo jets hitting them, that was according to structural guidelines and codes for modern multistory buildings. Buildings only have total catastrophic collapse at free fall when charges are placed deliberately; when buildings suffer major damage at other levels, pieces or parts fall outwards. (Masters degree in Architecture and Air Force Engineer).

There are far too many questions regarding the ‘official conspiracy theory’ to go into here.

How did the hijackers get into locked cockpits?

Why did the Airforce jets or Pentagon defense systems fail to react?

Why have I never seen a translation of Osama Bin Laden’s tapes?

Why did the FBI not put Osama Bin Laden on it’s list of ‘Most Wanted’?

Why was the Bush family connection to the Bin Ladens not investigated?

Why was no one fired for incompetence?


PBS Nova Doc ‘Spy Factory’ – “NSA was monitoring Bin Laden before 9/11” but for some reason the official 9/11 report did not investigate that lead…. another odd finding, this NOVA doc was funded by Koch & Exxon. Why would they want full disclosure about their global operations related to our government? It is not a ‘conspiracy theory’, it is a fact that our secret agencies knew more than we were told, and are being told. You can plainly see Exxon and Koch in the sponsor credits. The theme of that NOVA doc was to say the only reason they did not stop the attack was because the agencies were not communicating at any level, and never once does it mention that those agencies are paid billions to lie to the public.

It was clearly used as a False-Flag event for war-mongers to impose more authoritarian rule in America, and launch more offensive strikes internationally for the MIC. The event really happened, but it was blamed entirely on terrorists, and used as a pretense for a pre-planned War in Iraq. It saved a lame duck president, it gave him 2 terms, and complete authoritarian control. We were terrorized by our own government, even after the attacks.


3 Celtic Spells of Making

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3 Celtic Spells, Chants, Charms, Prayers of Making, Evoking, or Binding

All 3 are acknowledgements of the laws of nature. The first Welsh Spell says the spirit of water and earth elements shines even when the moon is dark. The second Gaelic Spell speaks of the Serpent’s Breath of Life & Death, and our will to make. The third English Spell describes how three aspects can be parts of one whole; as with the symbol “Y”.

1. Welsh Spell of Making

A elfyntodd dwyr sinddyn duw,

cerrig yr fferllurig nwyn,

os syriaeth ech saffaer tu,

fewr echlyn mor necrombor llun.

2. Gaelic Spell of Making (in Modern Irish Gaelic)

Anáil nathrach, ortha bháis is beatha, do chéal déanaimh

3. English Spell of Making (Harpers Ferry, Modern American English)

One flows from Two,

Two Rivers are One.

One is also Three,

And Three is One.


AAA vs. The Environment

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This is from a Green America Newsletter:

“AAA works against a host of environmental issues, actively opposing: regulating greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles, increasing royalties for oil drilling, and funding alternative fuel development in California.

AAA even fights the creation of bike paths!

The good news is there’s an alternative. Better World Club not only provides the services you want — like 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance, maps, and travel discounts — but, also supports your environmental agenda!

But that’s just the start. Not only do they provide 24/7 nationwide emergency roadside assistance, auto insurance in 40 states and DC, and travel services, but Better World Club:

  • Is America’s first and only Auto Club to provide nationwide 24/7 roadside assistance for bicycles!
  • Was the first travel company offering carbon offsets
  • Includes a free carbon offset when you purchase auto insurance
  • Offers similar hotel and rental car discounts to other auto clubs, but unique green travel discounts

If you want the security of roadside assistance, break up with AAA and join Better World Club. Or give a membership as the perfect gift. Better World Club offers peace of mind, both for roadside help and joining an Auto Club that shares your values.

Better World Club even discounts membership fees for owners of hybrids and other alternative-fuel vehicles — even mass transit pass holders.

You receive a discount just for being a member or friend of Green America. Order your card today, and you’ll get 10% off the regular membership fee. Just enter the code “GRNC2121” when you sign up. (This offer expires January 31, 2011).

Alisa Gravitz,
Executive Director,
Green America

P.S. Check out their eNewsletter, Kicking Asphalt—called “The Onion” of corporate newsletters by EcoTalk Radio.

Celtic Welsh Words

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Drogo’s List of Celtic Welsh Words

adeilad = building           aderyn (adar) = bird

ahnod = difficult

afon = river                   agor = open

allan = out                      afal = apple     alban= scotland

amser= time                  anfon = send

anghofio = forget          = remember

anghywir = wrong        de = right, south

anferth = huge              anadlu = breathe

annwyd, sal = illness             ar = on

ar unwaith = at once    araf = slow   argoll= lost

arbennig = special arian = money

aros = stay, wait           arwydd = sign

at = to, at, located

bach, bychan = small     byr = short

bardd- bird singer        balch = proud, happy

bara = bread

byd = world

bellach, nawr= now              beth = what

blodyn, blodau= flower blwyddyn = year

bob = always, every              bodlon = satisfied, willing

bore = morning      brifo = hurt

brokk- by rocks (brook), badger

bron = almost (brown=brown)     brwnt, budr = dirty

bryn = hill              bys = finger   byw = live

bwydo = feed          bwthyn = cottage

cadair = chair        cae. maes = field    cael = get

cath = cat               casau = hate           cartre = home

caled = hard           canu = sing     caru = love

carr (karr) – to carry, a cart

ceg = mouth   cegin = kitchen      celwydd – lie

ci (gi)= dog               cig = meat       clwb=club       coch=red

coed = wood   coffi=coffee   costus=expensive

cor – short, dwarf

corff = body   crac = angry         crwn=round

cywm, cwm, quim, dyfryn= valley, feminine

cwrw =beer   cychwyn =start

cyfarchion = greetings        croeso = welcome

cyllell = knife         cymorth = help      cymru = wales

cystal = so, equal   cysgu = sleep         cynnes = warm

chi = you         chwalu = destroy          chwarae = play

da = good, right      do = yes  de = right, south

dal, tal= tall, catch        danfon = send

darn = piece   diflannu = disappear

diwedd = end          din = home, hearth        dinas = city

diod = drink            diolch = thank you

dod = come, bring          dogfen = document

dolmen = daol (long flat) + maen (main stone)

deon, dion = dune, hill, fort, man

drwg = bad     drws = door           dwr = water

derwydd = der (oak) + (wydd) wood, druid

dydd = day

(llun = Monday, mawrth = Tuesday, mercher = Wednesday, iau = Thursday, gwener = Friday, sadwrn = Saturday, sul =Sunday)

dyfodol = future for a man         dyn, dion = man

e, fe = he, him, it

efo = with       eistedd= sit     ennill = win, earn

eto = again

fanna = there        fel = like, as    finnau, i = i, me

fferm = farm         ffordd= way  fforest=forest

gaea= winter gawl= call       gan = by

gardd=garden        golygus= good looking

gwanwyn= spring         gwynt = wind

gogledd= north      gorllewin= west

haf = summer        heulog= sunny       hi= she, her, it

heno = tonight

hithau= she, it        hwon= this, one

hunan= self            isal = lower    ian = up

karr- car, cart, carry

lloegr= england     llong= ship

mai= that

mab, mabon= son            mam= mother

math = type of kind       mawr= big

mel = honey    menywn = woman, butter

mynd = go       naddo, nage = no            neb= no-one

nature=nature      neis=nice        newydd=new

ni = we, us      nesa = next, near

nofio= swim

nol = fetch      nos= night               o = of, from

oer= cold        os, pe = if

pan = when     pen= head, end       peth= thing

pleant= child          poeth= hot      pont= bridge

pwy= who               rhoi= give, put

sut= how         syth= straight

tad = father   tan = until       teg= fair    tegan=toy

talu= pay        taro = hit        tirlun= landscape

torri= break, cut          tau= about apx.      tu= side

troed = foot, trod         ty= house

wyneb = face         wedyn= then, later       wy = egg

yr= the           yma= here      yn= in      un= one


dw i = i am              wt ti = you are

o’n i = i was             o’t ti =  you were

maen nhw = they are

“keep-a-look” = look       -ydd, -nnod, -oedd, -nau

na fydda= no i wont be

Celtic Gaelic Words

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Drogo’s Guide to Gaelic (Remnants of an ancient Celtic Language)

Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic), Gaidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

(An evolved into Am= a, an, the) Ann=in it   -an = plural

Abair (radh)= say          Agus = and, as

Alba = Scotland     Alasdair= Alexander

Abhainn (aving)= River

Am Maireach (amarach) = Tomorrow

An Nochd(nochk)= tonight   An Raoir(rawir)=lastnight

An De = yesterday      Maduinn (ma-ting)= morning

An Drasda= Now         An Seo(sho)= here

Air= On it     Air son= for          Air Falbh= Away, off

Arm = Army         Aran= bread          As = Out, off

Barton = Britain           Blathan (blahan)= flowers

Buail (boil)= strike         Baile (bala)= Town

Boidheach (boyach) = bonnie, beautiful

Boirionnach (borunach)= woman

Bruich (brooech)= boil, cook        Beag, bige(beeka)= tiny

Cearn (-a, -an)=region, corner, kitchen

Creidsinn (kretshing)= believing, thinking

Cuir = put       Caileag (kalag)= girl

Car (cuir)= twist, bend, trick      Co= who

Cor= (coir, cuir)= condition, state

Coille (kyleya), fiodha= wood       Craobh (kroov)=tree

Ceo (kyo)= Mist     Ceum (kaym)= step, walk

Cum (cumail) = keep, hold             Crion = withered

Dail (dalach, dailthean)= riverside meadow

Damhair= October      Dana= bold     Dara= second

Dhachaidh (dachy) =Home   Taigh (taee) =House

Dheas = South       Dheasol= southern

Dion(a) = protect, shelter            Druidh=Druid

Dona = Bad            Math (ma)= Good

Doon = Fort          Do / Gus / chun= To

Dorra= difficult           Doire = grove       Droch = bad

Each = Horse         Ear, Sear= East

Eire (Ire or Erin)= Ireland   Fasa= easier

Fan=stay  Fann(faoon)= weak

Fios (fiss)/Eolas= knowledge       Graidh = Love

Gaidhlig = Gaelic   Gearr= short, cut        Gun=that

Iain = John             Iasg = fish      Iar, Siar= West

Im (eem)=butter

Lugha, beag = smaller, less

Loch (loch)= lake            Leig (lyayk)= let

Mal =rent      Mac= son       Math= (Maa)

Maighstir (maystir)=Master

Mo= my         Mor= bigger         Moran = many

Nollaig (nolig)= Birth / Christmas

Oran = song          Oraid = speech

Pogue = Kiss / Male prostitute

Righ Deorsa (ree jorsa)= King George

Banrigh Ealasaid = Queen Elizabeth

Rug = catch, bore, lay

Seomar(shomar)= room       Sgriobh(skreev)= Write

Seolta (sholta) = wide-awake, cute      Solair = supply

Sid (side) = weather

Sinn (shin)= shall not     Sine (Sheena)= Jean, older

Sion = Something, anything          Sith = peace, quietness

Sgian(skean)= knife        Suidh (sooee)= sit

Siubhail (seubal)= go, walk, die

Slainte (slanche)= (toast to your) health, toast, cheers!

Slighe = way, path, road       Sluagh = people, public

Sneachd (snaech)= snow

Samhuinn (Samna) = November

Samhradh (samhraid) = Summer

Smaoin / Smuain (smooin) = thought

T= ch              Tart = thirst

Tapa Leat/Leibh(layv) = Thank you

Teine = a fire        Teth = hot      Tearlach= Charles

Tir (cheer)= land, country          Tog = lift

Trath (tra)= early

Tuath = North, left, deiseil (against the sun)

Deiseil, deiseal = ready, southward

Ulaidh(e) = Treasure

Ululo (Latin= I howl) Ululatus = Celtic Warcry / Ululare = To Cry or Cheer

Ur = your              Ubh (oo)= Egg